American Diabetes Month is a time to learn, live better

Nov 21 2014

The American Diabetes Association has declared November as American Diabetes Month. The organization is determined to help people learn more about the condition that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services says “is one of the leading causes of disability and death in the United States.” Uncontrolled diabetes can result in blindness, nerve damage, chronic pain, kidney disease and other complications. The condition already affects nearly 30 million U.S. adults and children, with another 86 million in a prediabetes condition that puts them at risk of type 2 diabetes development. If the brakes aren’t applied to diabetes, the American…

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What are the leading causes of disability?

Nov 12 2014

Disabilities are as varied as the people who have them. Disabilities don’t discriminate on the basis of gender, race or religion and not even on the basis of age. There are, however, some leading culprits that disable more Americans than other conditions do. The leading cause of disability? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the leader is arthritis.    More than 8.6 million Americans battle arthritis or rheumatism every day. For some, the disease has advanced to a stage that prevents them from working. For others, the fight against the pain, fatigue and stiffness goes on at…

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What does ‘claimant per se’ mean and should you be one?

Nov 05 2014

Claimant per se. If you don’t know that term means, you might not want to be a claimant per se. The term refers to a person making a Colorado workers’ compensation claim in a legal proceeding without the help of an attorney. When a person is injured on the job or comes down with a work-related illness, an employer or employer’s insurer might do what they can to have that person’s workers’ comp claim denied. When that happens, many claimants want to have at their side a Denver attorney well-versed in Colorado workers’ compensation law.    Some prefer to go…

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Significant Social Security Disability backlog may hinder your case

Oct 30 2014

Without the right legal help, you could be lost in the bureaucratic system for months, even years. Nobody wants to be put out of work by a disability. But sometimes a disabling condition strikes without warning, leaving you unable to work and in need of help with your bills. For those who have paid into the system for a sufficient amount of time and otherwise qualify, Social Security Disability benefits can be an important lifeline. However, even though Social Security Disability payments are an earned benefit, it can be very difficult to quickly and effectively pursue a Social Security Disability…

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SSDI backlog rising, while the approval rate is falling

Oct 28 2014

The line began to form when Gerald Ford was president. The president who so loved Colorado ski vacations left office back in January of 1977. That’s when the backlog of Social Security disability cases waiting to be heard on appeals began. All these years later and the backlog is growing faster than ever. The Washington Post did an in-depth report on the problems at the Social Security Administration and found that it is nearly a million cases behind.   The Post calls it the “backlog of backlogs — a queue of waiting Americans larger than the populations of six different…

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Oil drilling in Denver’s backyard

Oct 21 2014

The controversies raging over the method of oil drilling known as “fracking” are perhaps better known in Denver and surrounding communities than in most of the nation. That’s because the practice is going on in some areas very close to home. It’s not our job to weigh in on the pros or cons of the practice, but rather to focus here in our blog on the injuries that inevitably result when oil drilling is carried out, regardless of the drilling methods. Oil drilling is simply put, dangerous work, posing risks of injuries to workers, but also to those who live…

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Contrary to popular belief, getting disability benefits is a difficult process

Oct 20 2014

One mistake or lack of proper documentation can lead to a rejection There has been a lot of recent news regarding the state of America’s Social Security disability system. For example, a quick online search reveals that SSDI will become “insolvent” in 2016. Many articles claim that SSDI discourages work by paying people to lie around who would otherwise find jobs. Doctors and applicants who commit fraud to secure benefits repeatedly pop up in the news. Combined, it can seem that obtaining disability benefits is just a matter of checking a few boxes on a form and waiting for a…

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Social Security statements: they’re back and they’re important

Oct 14 2014

They used to arrive in the mail about three months before each birthday. You would open the envelope from the Social Security Administration and see the amount you were on target to be paid after your retirement. About five years ago, the mailed Social Security statements stopped arriving at your Denver home. Last month, however, the SSA started mailing out statements again. When you get yours in the mail, it’s wise to pay attention to it, a financial planner writing for Forbes states. It can help you understand your benefits in not only retirement, but also if you become disabled…

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Aphasia: among the list of disabilities given a compassionate allowance

Oct 10 2014

Social Security Disability programs provide monetary assistance to disabled individuals who are unable to work. There are many different conditions that are disabling. Aphasia is one. Social Security Disability programs provide monetary assistance to disabled individuals who are unable to work. What constitutes a disability, however, is wide ranging. Disabilities can be medical conditions, illnesses, and injuries. Some are more inconspicuous than others, such as aphasia. Understanding aphasia Aphasia is a medical condition that affects a person’s ability to comprehend language and communicate. It typically manifests after a brain injury such as a stroke, but the condition can also instigate…

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A Denver workers’ comp law firm devoted to helping you recover

Oct 08 2014

No matter how careful you are, no matter how knowledgeable, and no matter how experienced, an on-the-job injury can happen. Here in Colorado, most employees are covered after a workplace accident, regardless of whether it was their fault or not, and regardless of whether it took place in a Denver high-rise, a construction site or on a factory floor. Even employers with workers’ comp insurance will sometimes attempt to deny a claim, however. Or the insurance company will object to the claim. As we have written about recently, this puts the injured worker in a spot where they have to…

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