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While the eligibility requirements for receiving Social Security Disability benefits are relatively straightforward, the process of applying for SSDI benefits is not. If you suffer from a disability, you have the burden of proving that your condition prevents you from working. At Alverson + O’Brien, we provide experienced advice and guidance for those who need assistance establishing permanent and total disability, in order to obtain Social Security Disability benefits. We specialize in connecting the dots between your conditions and their impact on your ability to work.

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We have many years of courtroom experience, which has proven invaluable when representing clients at SSDI hearings. Unfortunately, many of our clients struggle to obtain the benefits they need because they do not know the information Social Security requires to grant benefits.

Why You Need a Denver Social Security Disability Attorney

The process of being approved for Social Security disability benefits can be a long and frustrating experience, especially for those who first file without the benefit of an attorney. While some disability claims are approved with the first application, this is rarely the case even when the medical condition is clearly included in the Social Security Administration Blue Book of previously approved medical conditions.

The truth is that almost all disability applicants are not approved without representation from an experienced Social Security attorney who understands the documentation required by the agency for a claim approval, and having an attorney can help the process advance more quickly in some cases.

Why Program Qualification Is Tricky

Many times, applicants are denied because they do not qualify for disability insurance benefits. What many people do not realize is that Social Security benefits are not based on disability, but rather on whether the medical condition is prohibitive with respect to earning substantive income.

Some people with certain medical conditions can still perform other types of job responsibilities. The government commonly denies claims based on the substantive employment guidelines, and an attorney can help demonstrate to the SSA that the applicant is indeed unable to work.

Those eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance must have worked 20 quarters within the past ten years. Others will be evaluated for eligibility for Supplemental Security Income managed at the state level, also known as SSI. This program is based on personal assets and approvals are reassessed annually. An attorney can help you determine whether you qualify and help you take the necessary next steps.

What an Attorney Can Do

An attorney is invaluable when a disability case is denied and must be approved through the appeals process, which is typical for most cases. This is why it is best to retain a Social Security attorney from the beginning. All information submitted from the beginning is part of the record and cannot be removed, and an attorney can even advise on how to answer questions on the original application. Mistakes can matter, and your attorney can also give advice on how to
answer questions throughout the appeals process.

Time is of the Essence in Your Social Security Disability Case

The Social Security Administration addresses Social Security Disability claims at two levels: the first initial level of decision-making and the federal hearing following an initial denied claim. It is important to have an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to protect your interests and provide advice from the very beginning of the process. At Alverson + O’Brien, we can help ensure that your doctor specifically addresses certain aspects of your disability to help you avoid a denied claim.

A Social Security Disability applicant only has 60 days from an initial denial to request a federal hearing. The Social Security Administration will be looking for detailed information at the hearing — things such as specific functional limitations that prevent you from working. Our lawyers will help you connect the dots between your condition, your treatment and what the administration requires for proving disability.

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