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We Provide Legal Advice and Guidance to those Who are Injured and Need Benefits to Support Themselves and Their Families.

Worker's Compensation

Alverson + O'Brien we will be your advocates throughout the workers' compensation claim process. We regularly represent construction workers, health care workers and white collar employees throughout the Denver area.

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Responsive & Personal

You will get to know our lawyers personally and work directly with them. Unlike larger firms, you will not get lost in the shuffle. We are dedicated to providing personal attention and responsive service and respond in a timely manner.

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Social Security Disability

We have years of courtroom experience, which has proven invaluable when representing client SSDI hearings. We can help ensure, your doctor specifically addresses a certain aspect of your disability to help avoid a denied claim.

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Experience Matters We know the laws, we know the processes and we know the people.

A serious work injury can affect every area of your life. Your ability to work, your financial situation and your personal life can change in an instant. With so much at stake, it is important to have someone by your side, looking out for your best interests. At the law firm of Alverson + O'Brien in Denver, CO our experience means we can confidently handle workplace injury cases involving complicated medical evidence, questionable insurance tactics and challenging legal scenarios. We are very familiar with the tactics insurance companies use to deny and underpay workers' compensation claims. Learn more about our law firm and the benefits we offer clients by visiting our firm overview page.

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The process of obtaining workers' compensation can be stressful and time-consuming. Let us help alleviate your burdens and avoid the potential setbacks and disasters that can arise. Call 720-381-3152 or Contact Us online to arrange a free initial consultation. The earlier in the process we become involved, the sooner we can make sure your rights are protected and begin fighting for your benefits. Because we operate on a contingency basis, the cost to you is the same no matter when we become involved in the process.

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Our Testimonials

"Matt and Maren made this whole process smooth and easy. They kept me up to date with everything that was going on and they explained everything to me and were always available when I had questions or concerns. Pleasure to work with them.  Matt, I honestly thought this whole process of hiring a attorney was gonna be a nightmare and you definitely changed my mind about it. I was able to pay off both our vehicles and most of our debts and I'm in enrolled in school."

Shawn V.

"I had a Workman's Compaction case for several years and was referred to two attorneys in my home town. They did not have the knowledge and up to date laws. I went on a search in the Denver area looking for the best of the best attorneys in Denver. I was referred to Erika Alverson I sent Erika a copy of my case it was revived. The following week I had an appointment Erika and I went over the case. When I was ready to leave I was totally at peace with the professionalism and knowledge of Erika. One thing that stands out to me was that there was no settlement amount discussed at that time. The one thing I had was a lot of documentation from the beginning that was a help. If you can retain documentation that will help expedite the process and it will be worth it. I will say one thing it was not a snap or a breeze. When I would lose focus and look at today she would tell me "DON'T LOOK AT TODAY LOOK AT THE FUTURE." She was so right. When we went to the hearing Erika was aggressive, honest and straight forward and to the point."

"Thank you soo much, Matt, for taking my case, the way you handled it, the way you solved it, everything was better than perfect, great job sir, thanks much.  The perfect team."

Ahmad W.

"Thanks, soo much. It was soo good to work with you. Appreciate you and all your hard work. Have a wonderful year. Many Blessings."

Kay H.

"Not only is Erika committed to her clients, she is very trustworthy and caring. I would recommend her to a person that is honest and has a genuine injury. Erika is a very caring person and will keep you informed. She works hard for her clients and carries high standards. She knows the laws and will fight for your well being and rights. She is very organized and has a lot of respect in the community. The thing I like best about Erika is she listens well and takes the time to check in and see how you're doing."

Jenny B

"Hi Matt, just wanted to thank you again. I will definitely refer you and your firm. Now I can actually move on with my life."

Mae P.

"Matt O'Brien has been the professional that you expect to find in a law firm to handle rough situations. He has been my rock, my voice of reason and sometimes my sounding board, and maintained his composure and gentle guidance throughout the entire process. Thank you."

Janice T.

"Erika Alverson has steadily and accurately guided us through this process. She has always been readily available for us and returns communication quickly. Erika has been very accurate with the prognosis for our case. I highly recommend Erika Alverson."

Michael P.

"From my first meeting with Erika, I felt I was in good hands. She listened carefully to my "take" on my situation and guided me smoothly and professionally throughout the entire process, both with Workers Comp and Social Security. I am now able to move on with my life and I will always appreciate her diligence. I will always consider her a trusted advisor."

Barry A.

"The Best Lawyer You Can Ask For Going Through The Work Comp System The best lawyers you could ask for going through the worker's comp system after a robbery left me with PTSD. I had tried a few different lawyers and they turned me away claiming they didn't handle psychiatric cases. Erika took me on without hesitation, helped me to get the treatment I needed. She always answered every question I had during the process. She took time to get to know me and my case and always made time for us to come into the office as we got to different points. When we FINALLY reached the settlement portion she would help me to make it through all the confusion and law terms that left me freaked out. I would recommend Erika to ANYONE who needs help with a work comp system!"

Rebecca A.

"Matt O'Brien took on my workers comp and social security disability cases. He was always very thorough in explaining the process of each case with me. Matt was easy to contact. When I would leave a message for him he promptly got back to me. I was very pleased with the settlement we reached with workers comp. Matt also won my social security claim. I would highly recommend Matt O'Brien and his firm Alverson+O'Brien. Thank you again Matt."

Randy W.

"Matt handled my Worker's Comp case and I couldn't be more pleased with his representation! He listened to my situation, was completely upfront about his fees, and explained the process thoroughly. He didn't mislead me on the amount that could be expected, he didn't drag out the case, and he gave honest assessments and legal advice as the case progressed. He is very nice and easy to work with. My wife and I felt comfortable with him, and didn't feel pressured into anything. With his expertise I am finally able to put all this behind me. I would highly recommend Matt O'Brien and the firm of Alverson + O'Brien!"

Alan B.

"Erika provided us with a wonderful experience. She was extremely knowledgeable regarding the legal concerns we were dealing with. Erika made us feel confident in her abilities at our initial consultation and walked us through every stage of the process and eased any concerns we may have had. We would definitely recommend her services to our friends and families."

Gilbert A.

"Matt O'Brien, what can I say. Well, first off I think the O in O'Brien is for OUTSTANDING! When I called Matt I was so upset and sick of being told "no can't help you" by lawyers that were either scared or didn't think they could help me out. My case was simple but really factually confusing at the same time. Now Matt took the time to hear me out and decided to take a chance on my case. Matt was very up front and answered all of this old country boy from East Texas' questions, which was probably a 100 if not more. Matt explained everything in a way that I could understand. My case was denied by the insurance company and we had to go to Court to try to prove my case. Boy did Matt surprise me at the hearing. Don't know if I can say this but he is a bad a-- lawyer. I left the Court hearing knowing that I had hired the right man for my case. And trust me, he is the man for you as well!!! Now when you've just about sold or lost everything and think he is just sitting up there in his office and don't care, well you'll be wrong. He is a very nice man but can be very aggressive where need be. I say you can't go wrong with Matt and this law firm. In my eyes he's the best damn lawyer up there!"

John M.

"Matt, I want to thank you and Brittany for all of your help in resolving my case. I initially came in with an inquiry regarding my workers comp issue. You changed that inquiry into a victory. For that I will always be grateful. Thank you some much."

Patricia C

"I had called a different law firm about my case and they didn't have the decency to call me back and let me know they where not taking my case, How ever when I called Erika I was very skeptic and told her what had happened with the first one I had called, but Erika from the start had told me she could and would be able to do something for me and would always keep me informed and she did just that. Thank You!"

Vicki A.

"The first time I went to see Ericka I knew that she was confident, knowledgeable and cared about her clients. She proved to me that all this is true. She always kept me informed and answered any questions and concerns that I had during this long process and waiting that it takes for Social Security Disability Claims. I would recommend her very highly. My case was awarded the same day as my hearing. I am very grateful to her and her staff for being so professional and caring at the same time."

Janet B.

"After a very long process of shopping around for a solid, honest lawyer who was willing to take on my very difficult work comp case, I found Erika and she has been incredible! From the very beginning, she has honest and up front and willing to fight for me. Erika and her firm have been extremely professional, thorough and efficient with everything. I couldn't have asked for a better attorney representing me. I have and will continue to recommend Erika and her firm. I can't seem to thank them enough for all the time and hard work they have invested in my case."

Joe V.

"I hired Matt thinking I wouldn't even really need a workman's comp attorney. After being put the wringer by my employer, I was very glad to have him on my side. He was very knowledgeable, courteous, and maintained excellent communication. He fought for me to get a fair settlement for my injury. I would recommend him to anyone that has a workman's comp injury."

Lindsay H.

"You and your staff are SUPER STARS in my book, very professional, very courteous, very competent, and just overall nice people."

Marylynn H.

"It is my pleasure to recommend my attorney Matt O'Brien, as well as his knowledgeable staff. Matt and his staff are professional, cordial and very competent! Not only did they settle my case, but they settled it quickly! Matt and Brittany were candid and precise about my case. They didnt "string" me along or say one thing and it turn out something else. They kept me informed and when I had questioned they respond in a timely and professional manner.Matt is a "straight shooter" that I can RESPECT and TRUST! I made him my attorney and I recommend you make him yours!"

Mike W.

"I've worked in the legal industry for a long time, so I've seen first-hand a lot of great and not-so-great attorneys. Erika Alverson is very professional and knowledgeable. She and her team are quick to respond to my questions and concerns. I felt well represented in my workers comp case. She gave me excellent advice at every turn. In addition, both she and her paralegal are kind and caring. I recommend her highly for her high level of skill and experience."

Anne T.

"I chose Mr O'Brien to represent me on my social security disability case. At our first meeting, I had a positive feeling about him and his staff, you know sometimes you can feel if something is right. He was very honest and forthright with me and did not make any unrealistic promises. My case was particularly difficult since it was not a physical condition. I found Matt to be very compassionate and genuinely concerned about my feelings and helped me to feel comfortable during the hearing. His assistant was also great and professional. I would highly recommend Matt if you are looking for a honest, friendly yet experienced attorney."

Debbie G.

"Matt, a huge thank you for all your help and handling my case. I thought you were SUPER in every way representing me."

Sue M.