Pueblo Workers’ Comp Law Firm

If you were injured in an accident while working in Pueblo, Colorado, you might be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits can help cover medical expenses and lost wages while you’re out of work healing from your injury. But how can you determine if you’re eligible for workers’ comp? We’ve answered this question and other frequently asked questions below to help you understand your Pueblo workers’ comp rights. 

Why Is Workers’ Comp Important?

Colorado employers are required to provide their employees with workers’ comp. This is important because it ensures an accident or injury at work doesn’t leave you in financial hardship. While workers’ comp may not provide your full income for each week you’re on leave, it does help you stay afloat and avoid going into significant medical debt. 

How Much Do Workers’ Comp Benefits Typically Pay?

The amount you’ll receive from workers’ comp will vary based on numerous factors. However, workers’ comp should pay for all your medical bills related to the accident or injury you received. This includes ongoing care like medications, physical therapy, and follow-up doctor’s appointments.

Workers’ comp benefits also include wage replacements to help you pay for your normal bills and needs while out of work. In Colorado, these weekly payments are generally two-thirds of your regular income. However, some people may be entitled to more based on their contracts and work type. 

If I Get Fired, Can I Still Get Workers’ Comp?

In most circumstances, your employer should still cover the medical portion of your workers’ comp claim if you meet other eligibility requirements. For example, you can only collect these payments if the injury occurred at work. If your employer fired you during your leave, this doesn’t absolve them of paying for medical treatment for as long as legally required.

If you have a rightful workers’ compensation claim but were fired before you could finish filing, it’s best to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible. 

How Do I Know If I’m Eligible for Workers’ Comp?

You’re generally eligible for workers’ comp if:

  • Your employer carries workers’ comp insurance
  • You’re an employee
  • You were injured on the job
  • You file your claim before the statute of limitations runs out

When Should I Hire an Attorney for a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

You’ll want to hire an attorney right away if you are injured on the job. If you have a preexisting condition that could be used against you or have been asked to attend an independent medical exam, immediately contact an experienced lawyer. If, at any time, you feel that your workers’ comp rights aren’t being upheld, you’ll want the assurance of a legal professional on your side.