Erika Alverson Selected as a 2021 Top Lawyer

Jan 20 2022

Congratulations to Erika Alverson on her selection as a 2021 Top Lawyer by 5280 magazine!

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As Vaccines Rollout Erika Alverson Represents Local JBS Employee Who Was Denied Workers’ Compensation Claim Related to Covid-19

Mar 12 2021

Despite denying workers’ compensation claims JBS is holding an employee vaccine event and many employees find that the actions are not adding up. Erika Alverson represents Alfredo Hernandez against JBS meat plant for his denied workman’s comp claim and completely understand the feeling of the many employees who have been denied their Covid workmans comp complaint by JBS. JBS holds vaccine clinic while denying workers’ compensation claims related to COVID-19

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Get Defense Against Local Meatpacking Company Denying COVID-19 Workers Compensation Claims

Oct 05 2020

Channel 9 News covers new details on an open Covid- 19 workers compensation case Alverson and O’Brien is representing in the following article.  

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Can You Be Fired While on Workers’ Comp in Colorado?

May 08 2020

What Rights Do I Have Under Colorado Workers’ Compensation Law? Filing a Workers’ Compensation claim in Colorado often causes anxiety for an injured worker. Although your employer can’t fire you for filing the claim, you may still wonder if he or she will find another excuse to let you go.  At Alverson + O’Brien, we’re here to help you navigate your claim and return to your position once doctors medically clear you to resume activity. What Are Valid Reasons for Firing an Employee? Even if you are on Workers’ Compensation, your employer can still fire you if they present valid…

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Am I eligible for workers’ compensation after being exposed to COVID-19 at work?

Apr 27 2020

If you’ve been exposed to COVID-19 at work you may be entitled to coverage under Colorado Workers’ Compensation Act. CO law provides benefits including wage replacement for time missed from work, medical treatment at the cost of the Insurance Carrier and possible compensation for permanent damage caused by the disease. If you think you have been exposed to COVID-19 while at work follow these steps: NOTICE TO YOUR EMPLOYER: Inform your supervisor immediately and explain that you believe the exposure occurred at work. Your employer should you provide you with a Designated List of Providers designating at least 4 separate…

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Preparing safely for spring festivals in the parks

Mar 26 2019

Now that spring is finally here, many families in Denver will start going outside more often and are starting to look up upcoming recreational activities. The Mile High City has plenty of outdoor events and celebrations in the next few months such as the Rodeo All-Star Weekend, the Sabroso Craft Beer, Taco & Music Festival and the annual Cinco de Mayo Festival. With so many residents starting to get spring fever, many festival workers, volunteers and employees of Denver’s Parks and Recreation Board have a lot to prepare for. While they get so preoccupied with ensuring that all attendees have…

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An about-face in OSHA reporting

Mar 25 2019

Will a 180 turn by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) – admittedly under a new presidency – make it more difficult to track workplace dangers? OSHA doesn’t think so. Citing privacy risks, the high-profile government entity overturned a 2016 rule established during the Obama administration. Businesses with 250 or more employees will no longer be required to electronically submit annual reports on every work-related employee injury or illness. OSHA will still require those employers to document all data on the forms and preserve the paperwork should it be needed by their inspectors. Businesses must still provide summaries of…

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Seeing workplace dangers hiding in plain sight

Mar 19 2019

The National Safety Council wants employees to employ a more artistic approach when it comes to potential hazards. While no one is drawing Tippy or painting the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling, they are being tasked to look at their work surroundings in an entirely new way. Welcome to “visual literacy,” an “art of seeing art” concept introduced by The Toledo Museum of Art to the occupational safety field in 2015. While an art museum and a manufacturing plant seem worlds apart, common ground has been established. Instead of words, visual literacy helps gain understanding through images. A high-profile example would be…

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The Growing Problem Of Violence Against Healthcare Workers

Mar 13 2019

Yelled at. Spat on. Hit. Pushed. For far too many healthcare professionals, these acts of aggression are sadly just another day at the office. Maintaining safety in the workplace requires proactive steps. Yet, for healthcare workers, nothing can account for the violently reactive nature of their patients. Focusing on the well-being of those they care for often puts these dedicated professionals in the line of fire. From 2002 to 2013, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) revealed that serious workplace violence in the healthcare industry requiring time off was four times as common as private industry. The U.S. Bureau of…

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Addressing the physical risks that come with firefighting

Mar 08 2019

Few jobs present more dangers than what firefighters face on a day to day basis. The stress goes beyond the frustration that comes with any job. Their duties are perilous and involve everything from climbing ladders and pulling hoses to entering burning homes and buildings. The risks and challenges involved in their day-to-day responsibilities take a physical toll.  Firefighting is not just a job. Anyone who takes on the responsibilities will likely claim that they are called to the profession. For them, it’s a lifestyle. Firefighters are on call 24 hours a day and must drop whatever they are doing…

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