Footwear, clean premises are crucial to preventing falls at work

Feb 19 2014

It is only natural for news stories that relate to workplace accidents and work injuries to focus on the negatives, such as how an employee was reckless or how an employer failed to uphold safety standards and protocols. While these aspects are obviously important to any workplace accident case (may they happen here in Denver, Colorado or a remote corner of the country) it is obviously better to never have the accident in the first place. So what can employees and employers alike do to help prevent these accidents? When you consider that roughly 15 percent of fall incidents account…

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Fall from fire escape kills roofing worker in Colorado Springs

Feb 11 2014

Tragedy struck a roofing workplace recently in Colorado Springs after a man fell from a fire escape and died at the scene. The accident — which, given the circumstances, could have happened anywhere — saw the man fall somewhere between 15 and 20 feet according to police. The man was part of a roofing crew that was working on the building where the accident took place. The police have labeled this an “industrial accident.” Now all of the attention turns to the investigation. The police will try to determine what exactly happened on that fire escape; why the man unexpectedly…

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Mining accidents under microscope after poor numbers in 2013

Feb 05 2014

Mining accidents are usually tragic — although you could replace the term “mining” with any other industry that involves heavy machinery or hard labor, and the statement would remain true. This is why workers’ compensation is so important for people in the construction and mining industries. They work in an area that is inherently dangerous, where heavy materials and powerful machines are lifted, loaded and operated. If anything goes wrong, these huge objects can catastrophically or fatally injure a worker. This isn’t to say that other workplaces have less of a need for workers’ compensation benefits. But in these dangerous…

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