Boulder Workers’ Compensation Law Firm

Why Is Workers’ Compensation Important?

Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance that provides compensation in the case of a work-related illness or injury. Companies in Colorado need to have workers’ compensation insurance to ensure workers involved in workplace accidents can get the benefits they need as they focus on their recoveries. This kind of insurance provides death benefits as well as coverage for medical care, and lost wages.

The injured party has to seek workers’ compensation after an injury. State compensation laws determine if they’re eligible based on the circumstances around their injuries or illness.

Who Is Eligible for Workers’ Compensation?

Employees are usually eligible for workers’ compensation. Injured workers can ask these questions to determine if they may be eligible for compensation:

  1. Does the employer carry workers’ compensation insurance?
  2. Is the worker an employee?
  3. Is the injury or illness related to their work?

Employees are normally eligible for workers’ compensation while others, like independent contractors, volunteers and some agricultural workers, may not be covered.

If Fired, Can I Get Workers’ Compensation?

Yes, being fired doesn’t negate the fact that someone was injured while doing their work.

The reason for the worker’s dismissal could, in some cases, be used as a reason to deny workers’ compensation claims, but that’s something our attorneys may be able to assist with. If the worker was fired because of filing for workers’ compensation or the claim is denied out of retaliation, then the worker may have a lawsuit against the company.

Our attorneys can assist with a post-termination claim if a worker has been fired but believes they are due workers’ compensation.

Why Hire a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

While the workers’ compensation system looks straightforward, the reality is that it’s often difficult to get a claim approved or to get as much compensation as needed to cover expenses following an injury. Employers may refute claims, or the workers’ compensation insurance company may try to avoid paying out compensation to the injured workers.

Regardless of whether the situation leading to injuries was unclear, workers who are injured on the job have a right to have their compensation claims considered. The insurance company should not refuse claims unfairly or take too long to process them. Hiring a workers’ compensation attorney helps protect the injured workers’ rights by making sure the injured worker is aware of their right to lost wages, compensation and other workers’ compensation benefits.

How Much Can I Get Paid for Workers’ Compensation?

The exact amount a person is paid for workers’ compensation will depend on how badly they were hurt, how much time they miss off work and other factors. Workers, in general, are typically entitled to receive compensation for:

  • Lost wages
  • Permanent disability
  • Scars

The families of those who pass away from accidents on the job may be able to collect death benefits.  While the exact amount of compensation a worker gets will depend on a multitude of factors.

Who Can Our Attorneys Help?

Our attorneys help employees who have been hurt on the job. We also help those who have developed work-related illnesses, like occupational asthma or asbestosis. Companies in Colorado must have workers’ compensation coverage, so any injured employee should call one of our attorneys to discuss their claim.