Matt and Maren made this whole process smooth and easy. They kept me up to date with everything that was going on and they explained everything to me and were always available when I had questions or concerns. Pleasure to work with them.  Matt, I honestly thought this whole process of hiring a attorney was gonna be a nightmare and you definitely changed my mind about it. I was able to pay off both our vehicles and most of our debts and I’m in enrolled in school.

Shawn V.

I had a Workman’s Compaction case for several years and was referred to two attorneys in my home town. They did not have the knowledge and up to date laws. I went on a search in the Denver area looking for the best of the best attorneys in Denver. I was referred to Erika Alverson I sent Erika a copy of my case it was revived. The following week I had an appointment Erika and I went over the case. When I was ready to leave I was totally at peace with the professionalism and knowledge of Erika. One thing that stands out to me was that there was no settlement amount discussed at that time. The one thing I had was a lot of documentation from the beginning that was a help. If you can retain documentation that will help expedite the process and it will be worth it. I will say one thing it was not a snap or a breeze. When I would lose focus and look at today she would tell me “DON’T LOOK AT TODAY LOOK AT THE FUTURE.” She was so right. When we went to the hearing Erika was aggressive, honest and straight forward and to the point.

Thank you soo much, Matt, for taking my case, the way you handled it, the way you solved it, everything was better than perfect, great job sir, thanks much.  The perfect team.

Ahmad W.

Thanks, soo much. It was soo good to work with you. Appreciate you and all your hard work. Have a wonderful year. Many Blessings.

Kay H.

Not only is Erika committed to her clients, she is very trustworthy and caring. I would recommend her to a person that is honest and has a genuine injury. Erika is a very caring person and will keep you informed. She works hard for her clients and carries high standards. She knows the laws and will fight for your well being and rights. She is very organized and has a lot of respect in the community. The thing I like best about Erika is she listens well and takes the time to check in and see how you’re doing.

Jenny B

Hi Matt, just wanted to thank you again. I will definitely refer you and your firm. Now I can actually move on with my life.

Mae P.