Erika provided us with a wonderful experience. She was extremely knowledgeable regarding the legal concerns we were dealing with. Erika made us feel confident in her abilities at our initial consultation and walked us through every stage of the process and eased any concerns we may have had. We would definitely recommend her services to our friends and families.

Gilbert A.

Matt O’Brien, what can I say. Well, first off I think the O in O’Brien is for OUTSTANDING! When I called Matt I was so upset and sick of being told “no can’t help you” by lawyers that were either scared or didn’t think they could help me out. My case was simple but really factually confusing at the same time. Now Matt took the time to hear me out and decided to take a chance on my case. Matt was very up front and answered all of this old country boy from East Texas’ questions, which was probably a 100 if not more. Matt explained everything in a way that I could understand. My case was denied by the insurance company and we had to go to Court to try to prove my case. Boy did Matt surprise me at the hearing. Don’t know if I can say this but he is a bad a– lawyer. I left the Court hearing knowing that I had hired the right man for my case. And trust me, he is the man for you as well!!! Now when you’ve just about sold or lost everything and think he is just sitting up there in his office and don’t care, well you’ll be wrong. He is a very nice man but can be very aggressive where need be. I say you can’t go wrong with Matt and this law firm. In my eyes he’s the best damn lawyer up there!

John M.


I want to thank you and Brittany for all of your help in resolving my case. I initially came in with an inquiry regarding my workers comp issue. You changed that inquiry into a victory. For that I will always be grateful. Thank you some much.

Patricia C

I had called a different law firm about my case and they didn’t have the decency to call me back and let me know they where not taking my case, How ever when I called Erika I was very skeptic and told her what had happened with the first one I had called, but Erika from the start had told me she could and would be able to do something for me and would always keep me informed and she did just that. Thank You!

Vicki A.

The first time I went to see Ericka I knew that she was confident, knowledgeable and cared about her clients. She proved to me that all this is true. She always kept me informed and answered any questions and concerns that I had during this long process and waiting that it takes for Social Security Disability Claims. I would recommend her very highly. My case was awarded the same day as my hearing. I am very grateful to her and her staff for being so professional and caring at the same time.

Janet B.

After a very long process of shopping around for a solid, honest lawyer who was willing to take on my very difficult work comp case, I found Erika and she has been incredible! From the very beginning, she has honest and up front and willing to fight for me. Erika and her firm have been extremely professional, thorough and efficient with everything. I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney representing me. I have and will continue to recommend Erika and her firm. I can’t seem to thank them enough for all the time and hard work they have invested in my case.

Joe V.