Former NFL player killed over a parking dispute

Feb 21 2019

A former NFL player was killed over a parking dispute at Eaglecrest High School in Aurora, Colorado. According to CNN, Anthony “T.J.” Cunningham was shot by his neighbor over a parking dispute on Feb. 17, and he died at the hospital the next day. Cunningham played for the University of Colorado and then was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks in 1996. He had been working as an assistant principal at Hinkley High School, which is also in Aurora. The neighbors were texting about a parking dispute Cunningham texted his neighbor, Marcus Johnson, hours before the shooting. The two were exchanging…

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How common is “trucker tendonitis?”

Jan 14 2019

Truck drivers deal with many challenges on the roads, from drunk drivers to long hauls with little rest. But the most significant danger most drivers face lurks below the stirring wheel through Achilles tendonitis. Driving for extended periods wears down on the body, including your ability to heal. The more your drive, the worse the problem will get. Eventually, it may affect your ability to work, drive or even walk. What is tendonitis? According to the Mayo Clinic, Tendinitis is inflammation or irritation of a tendon — a thick cord that attaches a muscle to a bone. Frequently, it causes…

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Filing A Social Security Disability Claim

Jan 01 2019

Many people think that filing a Social Security Disability (SSD) claim in Denver is a simple process. However, initial claims are routinely denied. That is why it is important to have legal counsel on your side to help guide you through this process and to put you in the best position for success when it comes to getting the benefits that you deserve. At the law firm of Alverson + O’Brien, our Denver lawyers are committed to providing knowledgeable advice and guidance to disabled individuals who are no longer able to work as they once did. We can help navigate…

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Flight attendants are at risk for serious work-related injuries

Dec 06 2018

Being a flight attendant is not as glamorous as it looks, especially when considering the serious risks you face. The back, neck and shoulders are the most commonly injured areas among flight attendants, though almost any part of the body can be affected by serious in-flight accidents. Common causes for injuries include: Turbulence and hard landings Lifting heavy baggage into overhead bins Items falling from overhead bins Pulling a heavy beverage cart Awkward movements required to maneuver in a narrow aisle Slipping and falling The risk for injuries can increase because of the fast-paced schedule required by your job. Jet…

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The most dangerous time of the year for grocery workers

Oct 29 2018

Two of the most celebratory holidays in the nation are slowly approaching. The air is getting colder, the amount of people coming in the store increases and the two most important months for grocery workers to stay on their feet begin. With cashiers, baggers, cleaners and deli workers trying to keep up with the holiday shoppers, it can be easy to overlook some of the most dangerous parts of the job that could leave you with a severe injury. While these issues are present in your workplace year-round, they are the most prevalent when shoppers start coming in during November…

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Are you using the right respirator at work?

Sep 28 2018

Respirator protection is continually listed as one of most violated standards, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). If your line of work involves a lot of dust, smoke or other noxious fumes and gases, you’re probably privy to the necessity of a respirator. But, are you sure if you’re using the right one? Using the wrong respirator may defeat the purpose of wearing one at all. How do I know which respirator is right for my work? Your employers should evaluate the respiratory hazards you are exposed to. Depending on the hazard, There are two major types of…

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How to stay safe from workplace injuries during the winter season

Aug 27 2018

One of the biggest threats to workplace safety during the winter months in Colorado is ice. Whether you are driving or need to walk where there could be ice, winter conditions can create a perfect scenario for workplace injuries. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in 2014, workplace injuries involving ice, snow or sleet accounted for 42,480 injuries and illnesses that resulted in at least one day of missed work. To make sure you stay safe while on the job during the winter months, you may want to keep these things in mind. Slip and falls in winter Every…

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Vending: An exciting career or recipe for workers’ comp?

Aug 03 2018

Mile High Stadium concessions employees and Coors Field vendors face serious hazards while working. Traveling around the arenas, the men and women that serve delicious food and drinks to both Colorado natives and tourists put themselves in situations that may result in injury. Luckily, workers’ compensation may rectify serious injury expenses should you hurt yourself on the job. Experienced attorneys can identify steps to ensure that you receive the correct compensation for both medical reimbursement and lost wages. Staying safe while fans enjoy your food, drinks and merchandise is the key to an exciting, rewarding career at the ballpark or…

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Criteria for Disability Benefits in Colorado

Aug 01 2018

The criteria for qualifying for disability benefits in Colorado are relatively straightforward. However, this does not mean that the path to receiving benefits is simple or easy. If an applicant for benefits fails to prove that he or she meets the necessary criteria, essential benefits may be delayed or denied altogether. That is why it is important to have experienced legal counsel in your corner to help guide you through this process. At the law firm of Alverson + O’Brien, our Denver lawyers have extensive experience helping disabled individuals get the Social Security Disability benefits that they and their family…

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What happens if a Red Rocks worker gets hurt?

Jul 16 2018

Summer in Denver means music. Red Rocks hosts some of the biggest musical acts in the world, from Yo-Yo Ma to Imagine Dragons to Reggae on the Rocks. These events demand hundreds of hours of skilled labor, and in the midst of the high-energy crowds, workers can sometimes get injured. Because it’s outdoors, weather can definitely play a big role, particularly in slip-and-fall injuries. Here are some of the most common types of slipping injuries and what workers should do afterwards. Sprains One of the less serious injuries you could experience is a sprain, which happens when you twist one…

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