Filing A Social Security Disability Claim

Jan 01 2019

Many people think that filing a Social Security Disability (SSD) claim in Denver is a simple process. However, initial claims are routinely denied. That is why it is important to have legal counsel on your side to help guide you through this process and to put you in the best position for success when it comes to getting the benefits that you deserve.

At the law firm of Alverson + O’Brien, our Denver lawyers are committed to providing knowledgeable advice and guidance to disabled individuals who are no longer able to work as they once did. We can help navigate the often complicated world of the SSD claims process.

Ensuring Your Claim Is Thorough and Meets All Criteria

Social Security Disability benefits are available to those who are suffering from disabling conditions that prevent them from working. When making a claim, it is important that you meet all of the criteria for disability benefits in Colorado. Our attorneys will work closely with you at every stage of the process, ensuring your initial claim is thorough and in order. We can help with all aspects of your initial application and any subsequent appeals, including:

  • Collecting all relevant medical records
  • Collecting all of the required documents from your Social Security file
  • Collecting all other evidence relevant to your claim
  • Helping to plot the best course of action
  • Providing representation at any required hearings

Because so many initial claims are denied it can be easy to become discouraged. However, a denial is not the end of the road. We can handle appeals and requests for consideration, in addition to helping you file your initial SSD claim.

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