Consider all the possibilities when you’re injured at work

Dec 04 2014

Imagine you go to work one day, as you have hundreds of times before, and your day starts off as normally as possible. Everything falls in line with the routine you’ve established over the course of your career, and by the afternoon it appears that this is just going to be another day.

But then you get a special request to go into the warehouse and retrieve something. You do as you’re told, and you follow proper employee etiquette and safety procedures. Once you get the materials you were ordered to retrieve, you begin to leave the warehouse — and then disaster strikes. Some boxes that were improperly stacked in a dangerous spot fall, and they hit you. You’re injured, and you need to be taken to the hospital.

Doctors are able to get you stabilized and soon you’re on your way to recovery. But the incident will leave you out of work for weeks, and possibly months.

This scenario plays itself out too many times every day all across the country. Workplace accidents leave workers on the hospital bed and without the ability to get their normal paycheck — or, in the worst case, the accidents claim the lives of workers.

Workers’ compensation exists for this reason: to financially help injured or ill workers while they recover from their condition. Even with the workers’ comp benefits though, the injured worker or his or her loved ones may want more justice.

When the employer is at fault for a workplace accident — due to negligence or a dangerous situation that they should have dealt with — they can be sued, and potentially held liable, for the incident and all of the damages it created. And at Alverson & O’Brien, we adamantly defend people who have been injured by workplace accidents. We have the experience and knowledge of workers comp law to help such workers get the justice they deserve.