Significant Social Security Disability backlog may hinder your case

Oct 30 2014

Without the right legal help, you could be lost in the bureaucratic system for months, even years.

Nobody wants to be put out of work by a disability. But sometimes a disabling condition strikes without warning, leaving you unable to work and in need of help with your bills.

For those who have paid into the system for a sufficient amount of time and otherwise qualify, Social Security Disability benefits can be an important lifeline. However, even though Social Security Disability payments are an earned benefit, it can be very difficult to quickly and effectively pursue a Social Security Disability claim without the right legal help. A complex system and a stunning backlog make it a potentially costly prospect to try and go it alone.

Nearly a million Social Security Disability cases pending

Most Social Security Disability claims are initially denied. However, many of these claims are denied because an applicant made a mistake, failing to adequately document a disability or proceeding without needed legal help. It is because of such mistakes, not because of some inherent inadequacy, that these claims are denied. Fortunately, there is a system of appeals when it comes to Social Security Disability, and a good proportion of claims that are initially denied ultimately end up approved.

But, it might take a while. At the VA, 526,000 people are waiting for benefit determinations; at the U.S. patent office, there are 606,000 applications pending. But, the line for Social Security Disability benefits takes the cake in terms of federal bureaucratic backlog, with 990,399 cases pending as of mid October, 2014.

Just 1,445 Social Security administrative law judges are tasked with working through these backlogged cases. When a Social Security Disability case comes before a judge, he or she will make a decision on its validity based on evidence pertaining to the applicant’s medical records, physical limitations, levels of pain and other factors.

Getting legal help may be the best way to ensure timely access to benefits

The average wait time for a decision from an administrative law judge at the Social Security Disability office currently stands at around 422 days. For those who are unable to work due to a disability, going more than a year without either a paycheck or a benefit check can be a very daunting prospect.

If you are applying for Social Security Disability benefits, you have the best chances at securing the full benefits you need in a timely fashion if you go into the process with the right legal help. The lawyers at Alverson + O’Brien, P.C. can give you the assistance you need. Contact Alverson + O’Brien, P.C. today if you are unable to work due to a disability and need to pursue Social Security Disability benefits.

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