NSC study puts Colorado in the top five for work safety

Jun 30 2017

The National Safety Council, the nonprofit organization committed to using leadership, research, education and advocacy as a means to eliminate preventable deaths, recently released a fascinating study ranking all 50 states and the District of Columbia on their individual efforts to prevent home, auto and work accidents. Specifically, the report, entitled The State of Safety, provided each state with an overall grade based on the strength of their rules, regulations, laws and policies concerning those issues most responsible for preventable deaths and injuries. It also handed out grades in three separate areas, including road safety, home and community safety, and…

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Resolving work comp disputes: The prehearing conference

Jun 23 2017

When an individual suffers a work-related injury that has left them unable to perform their duties and, by extension, unable to cover the costs of everyday living, he or she will naturally look to their employer’s workers compensation coverage for much-needed relief. What happens, however, when an employer or adjuster makes a critical decision with which the injured worker disagrees, or, worse, the insurer denies work comp benefits altogether?   The good news is that injured workers are by no means at the mercy of uncooperative employers or insurers. That’s because state law grants them the right to request a formal…

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The dangers lurking in summer jobs

Jun 16 2017

Getting a summer job is a great way for a teen to earn money, gain work experience and do something productive. But along with all those pluses come some risks. If you’re a teen and are embarking on the adventure of a summer job, it’s important to understand the dangers you face and do everything to ensure your safety. Statistics about teens injured and killed on the job Young people often work in settings with increased hazards such as restaurants that have cooking equipment and slippery floors. Furthermore, they may not have the experience, training, knowledge, physical strength or (in…

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Understanding the heat-related illnesses that can affect workers – II

Jun 15 2017

In a previous post, we began discussing how even though most of us are welcoming the return of 80- and 90-plus degree days with open arms, it’s nevertheless important to remember that these elevated temperatures can present a very real threat to wellbeing of outdoor workers, including those who earn a living in landscaping, agriculture, construction, and oil and gas. In recognition of this fact and the need to help make the summer of 2017 as safe as possible, our blog discussed the various heat-related illnesses of which workers need to be aware as the mercury climbs. We’ll continue this…

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Gov. Hickenlooper signs Uninsured Employer Act

Jun 08 2017

When it comes to the issue of who is required to carry workers’ compensation insurance, the law here in Colorado is explicit: all employers are required to carry this coverage for their employees absent a few specific exclusions. Furthermore, the law declares that both full-time employees and part-time employees are protected by this mandatory work comp coverage, and that neither classification of worker can be required to contribute any portion of their wages toward premiums. As we’ve discussed on our blog, those employers who fail to abide by this requirement can be fined up to $250 by the Division of…

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I Was Fired After a Work Injury. Now What?

Jun 01 2017

It is illegal to fire someone for filing a workers’ compensation claim — and surprisingly common. Some employers break the law. Others watch their injured workers like hawks, making sure they follow every rule, hoping there will be grounds to fire them. Whether you were let go because your injury prevents you from working, or your employer retaliated against you for filing a claim, you can still recover workers’ compensation. Call 303-993-8882 for a free consultation. What Should I Do? Follow these steps to protect your rights and financial security: Retain an attorney as soon as possible. At Alverson +…

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Are employers sacrificing workplace safety to meet earnings expectations?

May 31 2017

You don’t need to have a doctorate in economics or a master’s degree in business administration to know that the primary objective of any private sector enterprise is to turn a profit in a given year. As painfully obvious as this is, what might not be quite so obvious is the method that organizations use to determine their annual financial success. While avoiding losses and meeting last year’s earnings are important, experts indicate that the benchmark by which more and more businesses are now measuring performance in a given year is their ability to meet earnings expectations or analyst forecasts….

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Your job could be safer: Beverage and food delivery

May 26 2017

Very few of us can grow all of our own food and make all of our own favorite drinks. That doesn’t matter in this day and age because we know we can go to the restaurant across town or the grocery store down the street to get everything we need to be well fed. Yet, while we know to praise the farmers that grow our food, we often forget everyone else that is working hard to help us put dinner on the table. Food and beverage delivery drivers take risks every day of their lives — lifting, loading and driving —…

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Understanding the heat-related illnesses that can affect workers

May 24 2017

While most view the Memorial Day holiday weekend as a time for both remembrance and relaxation, it’s important not to forget that it also serves as the unofficial start of summer, meaning it won’t be long until the temperature starts to rise. The reality of warmer temperatures and sunny skies is understandably a welcome proposition to those of us who live in colder winter climates. However, with this return to 80- and 90-plus degree days comes certain dangers, especially to those men and women who must work outside from oil, gas and refinery personnel to builders, landscapers and farm workers….

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Will filing a workers’ comp claim hurt my employer?

May 24 2017

Maybe your boss is your friend, or you work for a mom and pop shop. Maybe you happen to like your employer. Or maybe you are just a nice person. In any case, if you are worried that you will harm your employer by bringing a workers’ compensation, rest assured: You won’t. To operate a company in Colorado, your employer must carry workers’ comp insurance. Unless your employer is breaking the law and doesn’t have coverage, your claim will be against its insurance company, not the employer. The workers’ compensation system protects employers, too. The workers’ compensations system was created,…

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