The nation’s deadliest job is not what you think

Sep 12 2017

Police officers and professional firefighters understand the dangers inherent in their jobs. They all recognize any day that they leave for work could be the day when they will not come home. Yet, as risky as those professions are, being a trash collector means holding the most dangerous job in the country. Garbage workers are far more likely to die while on the job.Fatalities are on the rise, with deaths in 2015 peaking to the highest point in a decade. The most significant danger they face every day is being struck and killed by other drivers passing their routes. Drivers…

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Where Colorado stands on controls of toxic chemicals

Sep 01 2017

Exposure to toxic materials is something to take seriously. If you know that something could do you harm, chances are you will strive to avoid situations where contact might be possible. Unfortunately, there are industries in Colorado in which exposure to hazardous chemicals is unavoidable. If you work in one, your employer has a responsibility to make sure you are aware of the dangers and equipped with the proper protection and training to minimize the risks. If you do suffer illness or injury as a result of your work, you are entitled to certain medical and financial benefits. Obtaining the…

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Settlement conferences: The process and the benefits to you

Aug 29 2017

Settlement conferences are valuable and effective ways to resolve workers’ compensation cases. Two parties who struggle to find compromise have the opportunity to negotiate a compromise outside of the courtroom. Both sides can benefit from a middle ground that provides closure and allows injured workers to move on with their lives. Simply stated, everyone involved has a say in the outcome of settlement talks. They can avoid the lengthy process that comes with a formal workers’ compensation hearing. Specific information injured workers should know about settlement conferences include: Workers’ compensation claims in Colorado can be settled at any step in…

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Staying safe while working a Colorado fair or festival

Aug 25 2017

In the wake of the Ohio State Fair Fire Ball accident, many are questioning whether they will be safe at the Colorado State Fair this year. There is one group of people, however, that do not question their safety enough: The workers. Burns from manning food booths. Heat stroke while taking tickets. Back injuries from carrying instruments and other heavy objects. Slip and falls. Falls from heights. Electrical shock. Assaults by drunk concertgoers. There are many ways workers face injury, whether they are working the State Fair, a Red Rocks concert or another festival or event. Here is what you…

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Addressing nursing care that becomes nursing assaults

Aug 16 2017

While named after one nurse assaulted in a Massachusetts healthcare facility, Elise’s Law and its passage directly addresses a growing problem for all who dedicate their lives to the nursing profession. Workplace violence. Elise Wilson was working at Harrington Hospital on June 14 when patient Conor O’Regan stabbed her multiple times while in an examination room. What seemed to be a rather routine part of hers and any other nurse’s workday became anything but routine. After the violent attack, she was med-flighted to UMass Center in critical condition. Her assailant ran off, but was captured a short time later. Wilson…

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The passion of the nurse

Aug 09 2017

In a 2015 study, the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that approximately five of every 1,000 registered nurses in the United States missed work due to injury. Of all the physical damage these medical professionals face on a daily basis, back injuries topped the list. Few occupations are more hazardous and more misunderstood. Misconceptions continue to surround day-to-day duties. Many do not see nursing as tough physical work normally associated with hard labor. However, another analysis of the profession showed that nurses rank 11th among categories of workers most likely to be hurt on the job. Heavy lifting of patients…

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Is a growingly gray workforce increasing job site fatalities?

Aug 03 2017

As modern-day baby boomers set aside the growingly antiquated notion of retirement at 65, the workforce is getting older. In fact, the U.S. government now estimates that older workers will compose 25 percent of the labor force by 2024. However, with age comes physical change. With physical change comes the increased likelihood of a workplace accident resulting in a serious, potentially fatal injury. While a recent Associated Press analysis of federal statistics revealed that the rate of workplace fatalities decreased from 5,480 in 2005 to 4,836 in 2015, the news was not all good. Workers of advancing ages rejecting age-old…

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You’ve Spent Your Career Helping Others. Let Us Help You.

Aug 01 2017

At Alverson + O’Brien, we will meet with you to learn about your injury, what steps you may have already taken and how the injury has impacted your ability to work. Our job is to make sure that your rights are protected and that you receive the benefits you are entitled to under the law. Benefits Available Under the Colorado Workers’ Compensation Act Medical treatment: If you were injured on the job, you are eligible to receive all reasonable, necessary and related medical care needed to cure the injury. Temporary disability benefits: If a work injury causes you to miss…

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What those denied work comp benefits should know about the formal hearing

Jul 29 2017

As much as we would like to think that employers and/or insurers will honor their commitments in the event an employee suffers a serious injury, this is not always the reality. Indeed, the simple truth is that injured persons may find themselves having to fight for the workers’ compensation benefits to which they are otherwise entitled. If there is any good news to come from such a scenario it’s that the law does provide injured workers with several forums through which to attempt to resolve their concerns with an employer or insurer, including a prehearing conference, settlement conference and, of…

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In construction, the shoes make the worker … safer

Jul 21 2017

It’s a mistake that almost all of us have made at some point in our lives: buying footwear for the wrong reasons. Indeed, a steep price drop on a designer brand or an effort to save a bit of money may have caused you to purchase sandals, sneakers, flats or wing tips that were extremely unforgiving on your feet. While it’s one thing to suffer through this discomfort while at the office, gym or a social engagement, it’s another matter altogether when you really don’t have the option of taking the uncomfortable footwear off or even sitting down. For example,…

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