Will the SSA review my disability even after benefits begin? – IV

Aug 18 2016

In today’s post, we’ll conclude our discussion of the avenues of appeal available to those individuals who have learned that the Social Security Administration has decided to stop their disability benefits after determining that their condition has improved and they are capable of working regularly. In our last post, we discussed the first two levels of appeal — reconsideration and a hearing before an administrative law judge. Today, we’ll explore the final two levels of review: the Appeals Council and the federal district court. Appeals Council In the event the ALJ renders an adverse decision, the next step is to…

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Will the SSA review my disability even after benefits begin? – III

Aug 16 2016

In a series of posts, we’ve been examining how the Social Security Administration conducts periodic reviews to determine whether a person is still eligible for disability benefits, meaning their health has not improved and they are otherwise incapable of working regularly. To that end, we discussed how this review process is largely undertaken by disability examiners and medical consultants employed by state agencies — like the Colorado Disability Determination Services — which forward their recommendations to the SSA. As disconcerting as it can be to learn that the SSA has decided to stop your disability benefits based on this recommendation…

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Why employers may look to wearable technology to prevent work injuries

Aug 11 2016

From smartwatches to eyeglasses with built-in internet access, the wearable technology field is booming. Indeed, industry experts are predicting that sales of these so-called “wearables” will reach as high as $10 billion per year by 2019. While the majority of people use their wearables for things like tracking fitness data, checking email or performing other everyday tasks, experts have indicated that recent advancements in the monitoring capabilities of this technology could mean that workplaces actually start deploying them as a means to prevent work injuries. While this may sound like something out of a science fiction movie, experts have identified…

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How is my medical care covered under work comp insurance? – II

Aug 09 2016

In a previous post, we started discussing how authorized medical providers treating injured workers should seek reimbursement for all reasonable and necessary medical expenses from an employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier once the Admission of Liability has been filed. We also discussed how employers are free to create a list of designated physicians from whom injured workers must seek care and what happens if the employer fails to take this step. We’ll continue this discussion about workers’ compensation and medical benefits in today’s post. What expenses will an injured worker be responsible for covering?   As we mentioned above, all reasonable and…

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Will the SSA review my disability even after benefits begin? – II

Aug 06 2016

In our last post, we discussed how those people who have endured the prolonged and sometimes taxing process of securing Social Security disability benefits should be aware that at some point in the years, months or even weeks ahead, the Social Security Administration will review their medical condition to ensure that they still have qualifying disabilities. We also made clear, however, that notice of this review will be provided in advance, and that disability benefits will only stop if 1) a person’s health has seen considerable improvement and 2) they can work regularly. We’ll continue this discussion in today’s post,…

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Will the SSA review my disability even after benefits begin?

Aug 04 2016

While the process of securing Social Security disability benefits can prove to be time-consuming and perhaps even stressful for many people, these individuals can breathe a much-needed sigh of relief when their checks from the Social Security Administration start to materialize. That’s because they no longer have to worry quite as much about their inability to work preventing them from putting food on the table, keeping the electricity on or just covering the basic necessities. It’s important for people who receive disability benefits to understand, however, that they won’t automatically receive these benefits in the years, months or even weeks…

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Car Accident On The Job? You May Be Entitled To Workers’ Comp.

Aug 01 2016

If you were involved in a car accident while working, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation. In fact, it is in your best interests to seek compensation from both the other driver (through a personal injury claim) and your employer’s workers’ compensation insurer. You deserve to receive full benefits for your injuries, and that means going after all forms of compensation available to you. At Alverson + O’Brien, we help professional drivers and other workers receive workers’ compensation benefits after on-the-job motor vehicle accidents. We offer free consultations where you can learn how we will put you first and…

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How is my medical care covered under work comp insurance?

Jul 29 2016

As we discussed in a previous post, once an employer’s insurance carrier determines that an injured worker is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, it will issue what is known as an Admission of Liability. While this might seem like not much more than a just another step in a seemingly arcane process, it’s actually very significant from the standpoint of medical benefits. That’s because once the Admission of Liability is filed, it means all authorized medical providers will seek reimbursement directly from the insurance company going forward. What exactly does workers’ compensation insurance cover in terms of medical expenses? So…

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How an American icon shifted gears on workplace safety

Jul 27 2016

Whether you are an avid golfer or fisher, reader or jogger, gardener or cook, the opportunity to leave your current job to work for a company that deals directly with your passion is one that you most likely wouldn’t pass up. Indeed, the idea of working for the preeminent American motorcycle company Harley-Davidson probably sounds like a dream come true for those gearheads among us who have a love of all things motorcycles. According to company officials, however, working for the company was more akin to a nightmare in the not-so-distant past owing to a checkered health and safety record….

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How outdoor workers can stay safe in extreme heat – II

Jul 22 2016

In our last post, we discussed how those men and women who work outdoors are susceptible to heat exhaustion and heat stroke, and took a closer look at these two dangerous heat illnesses in order to help these workers better protect themselves. As it turns out, the need for this discussion has become even more pressing given that much of the nation, including Colorado, is currently in the midst of a major heat wave that has made conditions not just oppressive, but hazardous. In today’s post, we’ll examine some steps that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration says employers must…

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