Does Iowa Provide A Glimpse Of The Future Of Colorado Workers’ Comp?

Mar 17 2017

Some states are considering scaling back workers’ compensation benefits and workers’ comp systems as a whole. This naturally leads to a question for Colorado workers – is our state next? That question is difficult to answer, especially due to the political party division that exists in Colorado’s state government. However, we can look at what is happening in these other states to get a glimpse of what may be in store for our state down the road. Iowa Workers’ Comp Proposal Seeks A ‘One-Sided Outcome’ Perhaps the most extreme legislation that has been proposed comes from Iowa. Recent bills introduced…

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Study finds tattoo artists at an elevated risk of work injuries

Mar 15 2017

In the not-so-distant past, there was something of a cultural stigma attached to the idea of tattoos, such that they were considered to be outside the norm. Fast forward to the present, however, and societal attitudes have shifted considerably, something evidenced by the fact that roughly one in three Americans has a tattoo. Indeed, tattoos are now a multi-billion dollar industry that is estimated to grow by an astounding 13 percent annually. While this reality has resulted in a demand for tattoo artists, a recent study has revealed that those planning to pursue this as a career should proceed with…

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Timeline: Workers’ Comp Claims in Colorado

Mar 14 2017

After a work injury, workers’ who have been hurt rightfully have many questions. While clients often ask things such as “what workers’ comp benefits am I able to get?” and “will workers’ comp cover my medical bills?,” one question comes up in every situation: how long until I get my workers’ comp benefits? After a work injury, workers’ who have been hurt rightfully have many questions. While clients often ask things such as “what workers’ comp benefits am I able to get?” and “will workers’ comp cover my medical bills?,” one question comes up in every situation: how long until…

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Does Being Fired Mean You Can’t Get Workers’ Comp Benefits?

Mar 09 2017

While most people know that you can get workers’ comp benefits for work-related injuries while you are employed, what happens if you are terminated or fired? Can you still get benefits for a job-related illness or injury? When You Can Get Benefits Workers’ comp is designed to protect employees from injuries and illnesses that are closely related to their jobs. If you are injured or become sick due to your work, the benefits offered under the law don’t simply vanish if you are fired. If you were already receiving benefits, you can continue to do so. If you have not…

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Did you know March is National Ladder Safety Month?

Mar 07 2017

In a post last week, we discussed how it might come as something of a surprise for people to learn that the American Academy of Ophthalmology has long urged workers to make prevention of work-related eye injuries a priority during the month of March. As eye opening as this news was, it may come as an even bigger surprise for people to learn that yet another group has decided to use the 31 days of March as a platform to warn about a workplace hazard. Indeed, the American Ladder Institute has designated March 2017 as the first-ever National Ladder Safety…

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Workers’ Comp and Second Opinions

Mar 06 2017

When it may be wise to seek a second medical opinion after a work injury Unless you have considerable medical training yourself, you probably tend to rely on your doctor’s orders and take them at face value. Physicians undergo substantial schooling and testing to practice medicine. Therefore, you are often safe to assume your doctor knows what he or she is talking about when it comes to diagnosing your condition or recommending courses of action for associated treatment. Physicians are not immune from error, however, and there are some situations in which you may find it beneficial to secure a…

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Workers urged to consider their eye-related wellbeing during March

Mar 02 2017

While most of us associate the month of March with the much-welcomed end of another long winter and, of course, Saint Patrick’s Day, a prominent medical association wants us to start associating it with an important health issue: prevention of work-related eye injuries. Indeed, the American Academy of Ophthalmology is now urging all workers — regardless of whether they earn a living in a blue-collar or a white-collar profession — to start making eye health part of their work wellness practices during the next 31 days. In the event you question the need for such an initiative, consider the following…

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Permanent Disability

Mar 01 2017

Some work-related injuries have straightforward physical consequences, and available treatment options make a full recovery possible within a few weeks or months. In other cases, a worker may have to confront the possibility that he or she will not be able to return to a prior occupation or may not be able to work at all. Are You Concerned About Your Future Work Capabilities? At Alverson + O’Brien in Denver, Colorado, many of our injured workers’ compensation clients have questions about their future employment and financial stability. What if you cannot return to your former job? What if your work…

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Possible changes ahead in workers’ compensation law

Feb 28 2017

With a new administration in the White House, employees in Colorado and throughout the country may face a number of changes in workers’ compensation laws in 2017 and beyond. While it is not yet clear what effect the Trump administration will have on employees, there are certain parts of the law that are more likely to be changed than others. Change may also occur at the state level, where Republicans control nearly 70 percent of partisan state legislative chambers. Colorado’s legislature splits between the Democratic and Republican parties, so changes may not be as likely as in states that are…

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Why the danger posed by backover accidents cannot be overstated

Feb 23 2017

Anyone who has spent years working on construction sites, in warehouses or at other industrial settings has more than likely developed a sort of sixth sense when it comes to workplace dangers. For example, veteran warehouse workers may instinctively know when a pallet is too heavy for a team lift by sight alone, while veteran assembly line workers may be able to tell when machinery is not functioning properly by sound alone. As much as can be said for this sixth sense, the reality is that there will always be certain hidden dangers facing all workers — regardless of their…

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