Permanent Disability

Mar 01 2017

Some work-related injuries have straightforward physical consequences, and available treatment options make a full recovery possible within a few weeks or months. In other cases, a worker may have to confront the possibility that he or she will not be able to return to a prior occupation or may not be able to work at all.

Are You Concerned About Your Future Work Capabilities?

At Alverson + O’Brien in Denver, Colorado, many of our injured workers’ compensation clients have questions about their future employment and financial stability. What if you cannot return to your former job? What if your work injury prevents you from being able to perform effectively in any other position? Under Colorado workers’ compensation law, you may be eligible for:

  • Permanent partial disability (PPD) benefits – if you have an injury that allows you to do some type of work, but not to perform and advance at your full capacity
  • Permanent total disability (PTD) benefits if you can no longer work in any occupation due to your injuries

We Know The Benefits Available – And How Crucial It Is For You To Maximize Them

Because of the substantial financial obligations that workers’ compensation insurers incur when PPD or PTD benefits are awarded, such cases are often intensely contested. Our workers’ comp lawyers, Erika L. Alverson and Matt O’Brien, both have extensive experience advocating for permanently disabled Colorado employees.

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You need guidance and representation from an attorney who will work rigorously to ensure that you are assigned the appropriate disability rating and fair treatment within the system. Whether you have run into problems with your claim or want to ensure that your rights are protected, contact us now for a free consultation. We welcome direct client inquires and attorney referrals from throughout the Denver metro area, all along the Front Range and elsewhere in Colorado.