Car Accident On The Job? You May Be Entitled To Workers’ Comp.

Aug 01 2016

If you were involved in a car accident while working, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation. In fact, it is in your best interests to seek compensation from both the other driver (through a personal injury claim) and your employer’s workers’ compensation insurer. You deserve to receive full benefits for your injuries, and that means going after all forms of compensation available to you.

At Alverson + O’Brien, we help professional drivers and other workers receive workers’ compensation benefits after on-the-job motor vehicle accidents. We offer free consultations where you can learn how we will put you first and use our extensive experience in workers’ comp law to defend your right to compensation. Call 303-993-8882 to schedule your meeting.

Did You Know?

You can receive workers’ compensation for a car accident even if:

  • You have a personal injury claim. Colorado’s workers’ compensation laws are different from its personal injury laws. By filing a workers’ compensation claim, you can ensure you receive adequate compensation for all of the injuries that resulted from your on-the-job car accident, including medical bills, lost income and disability.
  • You don’t typically drive during your workday. You don’t have to be a professional truck driver, mail carrier or police officer to be eligible for workers’ compensation. If you were driving for work — no matter the work reason — you can file for workers’ comp.
  • You caused the accident. Don’t shrink away from calling a workers’ comp attorney simply because you were at fault during your accident. While fault can affect your personal injury award, it does not affect how much workers’ compensation you receive.

The interplay of workers’ compensation and personal injury law is complex, which is one of many reasons why it is a good idea to work with experienced attorneys. One of our partners is a former insurance defense lawyer who knows the tactics insurance companies use to deny and lowball claims. The other is a former prosecutor with substantial courtroom experience. Contact us at our Denver law office to arrange your free consultation and start the process toward a full financial recovery.