Mar 26 2020

I had a Workman’s Compaction case for several years and was referred to two attorneys in my home town. They did not have the knowledge and up to date laws. I went on a search in the Denver area looking for the best of the best attorneys in Denver. I was referred to Erika Alverson I sent Erika a copy of my case it was revived. The following week I had an appointment Erika and I went over the case. When I was ready to leave I was totally at peace with the professionalism and knowledge of Erika. One thing that stands out to me was that there was no settlement amount discussed at that time. The one thing I had was a lot of documentation from the beginning that was a help. If you can retain documentation that will help expedite the process and it will be worth it. I will say one thing it was not a snap or a breeze. When I would lose focus and look at today she would tell me “DON’T LOOK AT TODAY LOOK AT THE FUTURE.” She was so right. When we went to the hearing Erika was aggressive, honest and straight forward and to the point.