Appealing A Denied SSD Claim

Apr 01 2018

No matter how severe your disability is, there is a chance that the Social Security Administration may deny your initial claim for disability benefits if there are any problems with your application. It is important to not give up hope, however, because you have many chances to appeal.

Time is of the essence when appealing a denied Social Security Disability benefit application, however. In the Denver area, there are no better attorneys to turn to for help for a denied SSD claim than our team at Alverson + O’Brien. You can have peace of mind knowing that lawyers experienced with the SSD process are guiding you through this stressful time to help you claim the benefits you deserve.

Taking Fast, Effective Action To Help Overturn Your Claim Denial

When the government denies your claim, you have 60 days to ask for a “request for reconsideration.” If the SSA again denies your claim, you have another 60 days to request an administrative hearing. In these hearings, you can present medical evidence, and have medical and vocational experts testify on your behalf.

Many times, claims are denied due to insufficient evidence. Our lawyers can ensure that you have properly documented medical evidence that clearly indicates the severity of your disability and help you prepare for any questioning that you will face at your hearing.

If the administrative law judge denies your appeal, you can then file a lawsuit in federal court. We have significant courtroom experience that we will be able to put to use on your behalf should your case reach this level.

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