When Is A Person Considered Disabled?

Mar 01 2018

It is a question that clients frequently ask our lawyers here at Alverson + O’Brien. In most cases, to be considered disabled for the purposes of qualifying for Social Security Disability benefits, you must have a qualifying medical condition that prevents you from working for at least one year.

If you come to our law firm in Denver for a free consultation, our attorneys can help you understand further whether you qualify as disabled and if your condition entitles you to SSD benefits. We can then help you through the process of securing the benefits you deserve.

Helping You Understand What The SSA Needs From You

When you are applying for SSD benefits, one of the most important components of your application will be medical evidence that proves just how severe your disability and how it prevents you from working.

Many people get tripped up in the application process by not including all of the right medical evidence. We can work with your doctors to make sure you have the strongest claim possible.

In addition, you will also need to have proof of a work history that shows you were paying into the Social Security Disability system before you can claim those benefits. If you have not worked but have a qualifying medical condition, you could still be eligible for Supplemental Security Income benefits. These could also provide you with the financial support you need when you cannot work.

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