Simple injuries at work can onset serious pain syndromes

Jan 04 2018

Fast forward a few weeks after a small injury at work – months later you are now in searing pain and doctors cannot find an answer. You feel burning hot all the time; even in chilly Colorado temperatures. You may be suffering from a case of Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), also called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD).

These severe nerve conditions can occur from seemingly small injuries at work that pack a punch to your future. The medical world knows little about CRPS or RSD, so diagnosis and treatment are still relatively experimental. Anyone age 10 to 50 could develop the neurological disease – though it is slightly more common in women.

CRPS cases can happen after simple workplace incidents

Any workplace injury is cause for concern. The healing process, adverse side effects and financial or job-security stress alone are enough to add months of anxiety to an already unfortunate situation. Seemingly ordinary incidents at work can be a factor that leads to developing CRPS. Accidents can be as severe or simple as:

  • Slamming your hand in a door at work
  • Jumping or walking off a step or ledge in the parking lot
  • Minor injuries to fingers or toes when lifting or carrying
  • Fractures from tripping or falling at work
  • Work-related minor car accidents
  • Repetitive motions necessary for your job

Sufferers of CRPS often cannot work

With intense symptoms such as swelling, skin diseases, constant pain, overall fatigue, and stiffness of joints, employees usually cannot keep their jobs or even leave the house. CRPS victims must endure high amounts of daily pain, hospitalizations and intense medical treatments to try and lessen the symptoms.

The National Organization for Rare Disorders considers CRPS to be a rare disease currently affecting less than 200,000 Americans. Due to the rarity and murky information about it, most doctors, employers, and insurance companies have a hard time understanding claims about CRPS. They may fight back on your claim or misdiagnosis the issue as something less severe.

Do you have a recent workplace injury?

If you think you are suffering from CRPS from a workplace injury, you need to act right away. To receive necessary compensation for not being able to work and for essential medical attention; you may need to look into a workers’ compensation claim. Remember: the actions that resulted in your workplace injury and this disease are not your fault. There is help for you.