Have You Been Diagnosed With CRPS Or RSD?

May 01 2017

Even the most dedicated, highly trained physicians cannot cure serious medical conditions that have unknown origins in the body. Although the neurological disease most often called Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) has long been recognized and acknowledged as legitimate in the medical community, its specific causes are still unknown and available treatments are still largely experimental.

Turn To Attorneys Who Recognize The Complexity Of Nerve Disorders

You may have suffered a seemingly minor injury to a hand, foot, finger or toe on the job and then failed to recover as expected. People suffering with CRPS — sometimes referred to as reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD) or “causalgia” — must deal with an array of devastating symptoms such as intense pain, unexplained swelling and associated skin disorders. When the disease progresses, stiffness, weakness and fatigue can be factors as well.

At Alverson + O’Brien, we know that CRPS sufferers often have great difficulty getting workers’ compensation benefits and the quality medical treatment they need and deserve. If you are facing this challenge, our lawyers offer:

  • Decades of experience substantiating complex workers’ compensation claims and securing approval for benefits and payment of medical expenses to our clients
  • Comprehensive knowledge of benefits available for people dealing with a nerve disorder or another difficult-to-diagnose disease that results in permanent total or partial disability

We Know How To Substantiate Your Claim And Advocate For All Available Benefits

If you have a severe work injury in the Denver area or surrounding communities, we know that you cannot afford an unfair workers’ comp claim denial, premature termination of benefits or other unjust actions in this traumatic, uncertain time. If you have received a diagnosis of CRPS, RSD or another such disorder, the challenges you face may be especially complex and pivotal.

Our attorneys have been recognized with numerous honors for their skills and integrity in representing injured Colorado workers. To discuss your concerns and all legal options with a lawyer determined to earn the best possible outcome in your case, please call 303-993-8882 or email us now to schedule your free consultation.