When The Choice Isn’t Yours: Workers’ Comp Doctors

Apr 01 2017

In Colorado, employers and insurance companies get to choose who treats you for your workers’ compensation claim. After your injury, they will give you a list of four doctors — the “designated provider list” — and you will need to pick one of them.

Seem unfair? You bet it is.

In fact, it creates a questionable conflict of interest. Just like any business, doctors and medical offices want referrals. They know the more they bill the insurance company, the more likely the insurance company will kick them off the designated provider list. While they may treat you for your injuries, some doctors will not go the extra mile to ensure you have the best medical care possible.

Shouldn’t You Get The Best Medical Care Possible?

We can help. The Colorado workers’ compensation community is small. Because our attorneys have been practicing in it for many years, we know the players, including the doctors who provide workers’ compensation evaluations and treatment. We can look at the list of doctors and help you determine which one is the most likely to give you good, comprehensive care.

In certain circumstances, if the insurance company fails to do what it is supposed to do, you may be able to switch to any doctor you would like. Not all attorneys who handle workers’ compensation claims understand this. We do.

Why The Doctor You See Matters

Beyond fighting questionable business and insurance practices, ensuring that you see the right medical professionals is vital to your claim. In fact, the doctor you see is the number one difference between a bad workers’ compensation outcome and a good one.

Act Quickly. Contact Alverson + O’Brien Today

Time is of the essence. If you find that the doctor you choose is not the best for your case, you have only 90 days to switch providers. Learn how we can help you choose the right doctor by calling 303-993-8882 or contacting us online for a free consultation.