Who Is Most At Risk For Workplace Injuries?

Feb 03 2017

Whether your job is dangerous or not, there is always the chance that you could be hurt or become ill due to workplace conditions. But many jobs pose only a low risk of such a thing happening, while others are much more likely to lead to a workplace injury. While you may have some ideas about which jobs create this additional danger, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has collected data so that we don’t have to just guess, we can know exactly which workers are most likely to be harmed at work.

Which workers are most at risk of an injury?

So who is most at risk for work injuries? According to statistics from the BLS it’s people who are involved in moving/transporting things. The most recent data from the BLS shows that there were 108,270 cases of injuries and illness in a single year for the two highest risk categories, which were:

  1. Laborers and freight, stock and material movers
  2. Heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers

To put this in even clearer terms, the BLS reports that truck drivers and material movers have more instances of injuries than police officers, sheriff’s officers, correctional officers and firefighters – combined.

This number stands out, as many people would not assume that these jobs put workers in these industries at such great risk. While this will not come as a shock to those who are driving big rigs and putting their bodies through the rigorous work as a transportation worker or material mover, others should take note.

What does this mean?

While all workers should be cautious at work, truckers, freight movers and other transportation professionals should exercise extra care while on the job. And, no matter what industry you work in, you should remember that if you’ve been hurt while working or due to a work-related situation, you should see if you qualify for workers’ comp benefits.