Neck & Back Injuries

Jan 01 2017

Workers in many occupations are at daily risk for a serious back injury or neck injury. Often, when an employee “pulls something” or feels sudden pain or weakness while performing work, the injury requires many weeks or months of treatment, rest and rehabilitation. When the diagnosis is a herniated disk, traumatic cervical injury, severe nerve impingement or another disabling condition, surgery may be necessary – and continuing to work may be impossible.

Take Steps To Protect Your Claim And Benefits

If you were injured on your job in Denver or anywhere in Colorado and need help securing the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve, a call to the dedicated lawyers at Alverson + O’Brien is the right call. We have many years of experience advocating for men and women who have suffered work-related neck injuries and back injuries, earning numerous professional honors for our skill and integrity along the way. We are dedicated to:

  • Assisting clients who must cope with all types of middle and lower back injuries, neck injuries and other conditions that keep them from working for lengthy periods or cause permanent disability
  • Performing thorough analysis and taking decisive action for those whose problems include denied workers’ comp claims, difficulties getting qualified medical treatment paid for, premature termination of benefits and more

Whether you were injured while lifting or twisting, in an on-the-job motor vehicle accident or under other circumstances, you are likely facing great uncertainty about your job and your financial future. Although neck and back injuries are among the most common work injuries, they are also challenging to diagnose and treat successfully. Their severity is often disputed by workers’ compensation insurance companies. We know what to do when that happens.

Get Highly Qualified, Compassionate Legal Counsel Now

If your workers’ compensation claim has been denied or you have run into other problems with your care and benefits, call our Denver-based attorneys for the injured and disabled at 303-993-8882. You can also contact us online to request your free, no-risk consultation.