Is it important for construction workers to wear harnesses?

Jan 13 2017

As a Colorado construction worker, you may think that safety harnesses are a suggestion, not a necessity. Many construction workers do not always utilize safety harnesses. Although you may think larger concerns exist, Occupational Health and Safety says that working without a harness is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration protocol which is violated most often. The issue is important because falls make up 36 percent of worker deaths.

There are a few key reasons why construction workers do not always wear safety harnesses. You might claim that harnesses are hot and uncomfortable when carrying all the tools needed to do a job. You may also find that harnesses impede your ability to do your job. Sometimes you may think that years of experience mean you do not always need a harness. However, an OSHA representative cautions that even the most experienced workers can slip or lose their balance, and reflexes do not always react in time.

The ramifications of a fall can be far-reaching. Your family can be affected both financially and emotionally. Your company may also be affected, as construction firms spend billions of dollars to make sure that their workers are safe. Sometimes increased training can be the key to making sure that you and your coworkers wear harnesses. Knowing how to avoid a fall and learning about fall arrest systems can help you avoid falls, as well as demonstrate why safety equipment is necessary. However, it is also important for you to take charge of your own safety when working at heights.

To keep you safe, some companies have begun listening to common complaints about harnesses. This allows you to potentially be outfitted with a harness which will be more comfortable to work in. These improvements let you finish all of your tasks without worrying about whether or not the harness will get in the way. These harnesses also allow you to work without experiencing discomfort.