Attorneys who understand the complex interplay of work comp and personal injury

Nov 30 2016

As we make our way on the roads and highways here in Denver and across the Front Range, we like to imagine that our fellow motorists are practicing safe driving, meaning they are keeping their attention firmly on the road, obeying the posted speed limit and abiding by all traffic laws.

While it would be nice if this were the case, the reality is that our fellow motorists are often distracted, speeding or just plain negligent behind the wheel, frequently causing crashes that leave victims with serious injuries.

When a person finds themselves involved in an accident caused by another driver, they inevitably have a host of questions.

For example, if they were working at the time of the accident, they might have questions concerning whether they are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, damages from a person injury lawsuit, or both.

The simple answer is that the law here in Colorado enables a person who is injured in a car wreck while on the clock to not only seek the necessary compensation from the at-fault driver, but also from their employer’s work comp carrier.

Indeed, it doesn’t matter if the person doesn’t typically drive during their typical workday like a police officer, mail carrier or trucker. By way of example, consider someone injured in a collision while driving to the post office during their scheduled work hours to mail documents for their employer.

As encouraging as this news can be to those who find themselves in these situations, the unfortunate reality is that work comp carriers will still attempt to deny claims or provide less than adequate payment all too often.

At Alverson + O’Brien, we understand this and have extensive experience helping people injured in car accidents while on the job secure the work comp benefits to which they are entitled.

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