The Work Comp Insurance Company Isn’t On Your Side

Jun 01 2016

They’ll make that very clear to you.

Many people think the workers’ compensation process involves simply letting your employer know of your injury, visiting a doctor and then receiving benefits for treatments and lost income. Even though we would be out a job, we truly wish it were that simple.

The reality is that insurance companies are businesses that are in the game to make money. Giving every injured worker the full benefits they deserve would mean less money in their pockets. That is why they lowball claims. It is also why they become unresponsive and delay payments, putting the injured worker in a position they never imagined they’d be in. After all, shouldn’t workers’ compensation be about protecting the worker?

Why The Insurance Company Won’t Respond To You

Insurance adjusters have a fiduciary relationship with your employer, not you. What this means is that they are motivated to respond to your employer, but have little reason to answer your questions. Even the doctors on their list (the ones you are required to pick from) may minimize their communication with you and leave you feeling like nobody heard your concerns.

You Deserve Better

At Alverson + O’Brien, our attorneys have been a part of the Colorado workers’ compensation legal community for many years. We know the players, from the insurance adjusters down to the doctors on their designated provider lists. We know the law like the back of our own hands, and we will use it in your favor. If the insurance adjuster isn’t responding to you, rest assured that they will respond to us.

We also know that there are laws that favor you if the insurance company refuses to respond. For example, if the adjuster gets a request for prior authorization of medical treatment and they don’t respond to that request within seven days, your treatment will be admitted. We will monitor the insurance company’s actions to make sure you get every advantage available to you — and the best medical treatment possible.

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