Denied Workers’ Compensation Claims

Mar 01 2016

When your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier denies your claim or suddenly stops paying for the medical treatment or medications you need, our attorneys can help. At Alverson + O’Brien, we have extensive experience dealing with these difficult cases. Unfortunately, it is up to you, the injured worker, to prove that your injury meets the criteria for workers’ compensation benefits. We can help you.

Most people with legitimate workplace injuries experience denied workers’ compensation claims because they are not aware of the rules and procedures that are necessary to obtain benefits. Based on many years of experience on all sides of workers’ compensation cases, our lawyers have in-depth familiarity with the law and process required to achieve success in workers’ compensation claims.

Why Were My Workers’ Compensation Benefits Denied?

Workers’ compensation benefits may be denied or underpaid due to a number of reasons such as:

  • A conclusive medical diagnosis was not obtained from an authorized treating physician (ATP) or was not submitted in the appropriate time frame.
  • An injury was misclassified.
  • The employee had a pre-existing condition. However, this does not prevent the worker from being eligible for benefits.

As our client, you will learn what we know and be well-informed at all stages of your case. You will get to know our attorneys personally, meeting with us directly from day one until your case is resolved.

Strong negotiation and courtroom skills are a necessity when fighting to appeal a denied workers’ compensation claim. At Alverson + O’Brien, we are comfortable in the courtroom, and we have prosecution experience, which means we know what to expect from the other side.

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