Fighting skepticism after filing a workers’ compensation claim

Sep 16 2015

Even when things go smoothly, workers’ compensation claims can be frustrating. You need to report a specific accident or cumulative injury to the appropriate person at your job, then wade through mounds of paperwork and answer endless questions. After that, you may still be waiting for your claim to be processed.

Unfortunately, the workers’ compensation claims process does not always go smoothly, which means the headaches and frustrations are even worse. Why is it often so difficult to get compensation for a work-related injury? In many cases, insurance companies are responsible.

Insurance companies are most profitable when they can deny claims or settle claims for as little money as possible. Therefore, they have a vested interest in scrutinizing every claim and remaining skeptical. To some extent, this approach is reasonable. But it also leads claims adjusters to over-scrutinize valid claims.

This mantra of perpetual skepticism can be seen in industry blogs for workers’ compensation insurers and human resources professionals looking to contain workers’ compensation costs. In one recent blog post, the author warns that employers (and/or their designated officials) should be wary of injury claims filed on a Monday morning. He seems to suggest that the timing of Monday morning claims is worthy of suspicion and that employees who file claims at that time should be questioned immediately and thoroughly. Their coworkers and immediate supervisors should also be questioned, the blog’s author says.

As we mentioned above, it is necessary and reasonable for workers’ compensation professionals to be somewhat skeptical. But when they adopt an “us vs. them” attitude, injured workers may be denied benefits that they need and are entitled to.

If you are having a difficult time getting compensation for your workplace injury or feel that your rights may have been violated, you should have a knowledgeable legal professional in your corner. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help you through most stages of the claims and appeals process, and can ensure that your rights are protected.