Request for safety harness rejected, worker falls and is injured

Aug 06 2015

Cotton Holdings is a global disaster solutions company, it says on its website. It also offers a variety of other services, including logistics, culinary services, roofing and construction. The company has locations all over the nation, including three in the Denver area.

However, it was recently issued a fine by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration after an investigation determined that a temporary worker was denied a safety harness after asking for one. The man later fell without a harness a dozen feet through a roof and had to be hospitalized with broken arms and severe bruising.

The construction accident injuries could have been prevented, OSHA determined, by providing the worker with required fall protection.

Roofing and construction work are inherently dangerous, which is why OSHA requires employers to provide safety equipment to workers. With proper gear and training, many accidents and injuries can be avoided on worksites.

When the injuries take place, however, qualified employees are eligible for Colorado workers’ compensation benefits. That means their medical expenses will be covered and they will get about two-thirds of their wages lost during recovery periods. Unfortunately, employers and insurers will try to deny benefits even to the most deserving workers.

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