What do you live for?

May 19 2015

For some people, life would not be complete without the soaring, intricate agony of Italian opera. For others, a Colorado Rockies ballgame or a Denver Broncos rivalry battle is what it’s all about. Still others love old movies, new books or travel to exotic places. We all have things that we live for; the passions that propel us forward in life.

The National Safety Council encourages everyone to join thousands of organizations next month in promoting safety at work, in play and on the road so that we can all enjoy our passions with our loved ones. Though June is still a few days away, it’s never too early to think about ways in which you can help promote safety and avoid injuries in your workplace.

As the National Safety Council notes, unsafe conditions — especially in high-risk jobs such as those in construction, drilling, mining and manufacturing — can lead to accidents that can rob people of pleasure in life. For some injured workers, the pain is fleeting. They can return to work the next day after a minor mishap. For others, a workplace accident can mean weeks or months away from work, serious medical issues to be dealt with by specialists and even surgeries.

Those injured workers are often targeted by workers’ compensation insurers. Employers and their insurers know that a months-long rehab, coupled with surgery and hospital bills, can mean tens of thousands of dollars to them in medical expenses and wage replacement; sometimes it can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars. So they will sometimes try to deny benefits.

That’s when injured workers will often reach out to a law firm experienced in protecting employees’ rights and deserved, needed benefits. A workers’ comp lawyer understands the process, procedures and paperwork, and they know how to protect their client.