Debating SSDI is for others. Our job is to take SSDI action.

Apr 14 2015

As the jostling for position get more active among potential presidential candidates — and more and more, among announced candidates — one issue is certain to get plenty of national attention: Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI or SSD). The fund that provides the benefits to millions of Americans receiving SSD benefits is due to run short next year, and if no fix is generated by the current Congress and president, beneficiaries could see a cut of 20 percent in their monthly assistance.

One of the few things everyone appears to agree on is that possibility is unacceptable. But the fighting over how to fix the system and ensure that today’s and tomorrow’s SSD beneficiaries receive full and fair compensation is another matter entirely. Candidates are so far long on talk, and short on details on how to remedy the problem.

Our interest here is not in staking out a partisan position, but rather in helping those disabled workers in Denver who need and deserve benefits to get their full benefits. In many cases, that means going to the Social Security Administration with our client to appeal a denial of benefits. In that way, we help our client present a clear argument and the documentation to back it up.

No matter what politicians say, disabled Americans need help today. It’s our job at Alverson + O’Brien in Denver to assist you in fighting for what you deserve and need. Our experience in helping clients get through the complex appeals process, coupled with our detailed knowledge of Social Security law, procedure and paperwork enables us to give our clients focused representation.

Our Social Security Disability Eligibility page will give you more information about our experienced firm and how we help Denver-area residents.