April showers love on occupational therapists

Apr 01 2015

April weather in Denver is predictably unpredictable. It can snow, it can rain, it can blow and the sun can shine. And that’s all by noon.

Another thing we can count on here: occupational therapists. They’re some of the folks who can help people recover from on-the-job injuries. This month celebrates their contributions to the health of Colorado workers.

In some cases of injury, it is simply not possible for a worker to return to their job. In those situations, occupational therapists can help the injured person to regain skills needed in everyday life and create goals — and strive to help their clients meet their goals — to regain skills and live life to its fullest, even if it no longer includes punching a clock.

Occupational therapists have other roles as well, including helping kids with disabilities to participate in school, play and with friends. The therapists also assist older adults with physical and cognitive changes learn to cope with redefined abilities and skills.

When a worker is injured on the job and need medical care and recuperation in order to return to their duties, they are likely entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. When that worker is prevented by disability from returning to their job, they are likely entitled to Social Security disability benefits.

In both sets of circumstances, just about the last words that a worker wants to hear is that their claim has been denied. In both cases, they will turn to an experienced attorney who can help appeal the denial of needed, deserved and earned benefits.