Obama to Congress reluctant to fix: ‘No dice’

Feb 04 2015

We have in the recent past referred to a growing, dark cloud on the horizon. A fiscal crisis at the Social Security Administration could potentially mean that SSD/SSDI beneficiaries will next year see a cut of about 20 percent in benefits, if Congress and President Barack Obama don’t hammer out a solution beforehand.

A recent editorial points out that the House of Representatives has declared it won’t agree to a solution that includes an easy fix to the problem that would involve a small shifting of retirement funds to the trust set up to pay disabled American workers. The editorial writer notes that with the release of a proposed fiscal 2016 budget, President Obama has responded to the House with a two-word rejoinder: “No dice.” 

The editorial notes that if the average SSD benefit of $1,165 per month is slashed by 20 percent, average benefits would drop to a mere $932 monthly. There is little doubt that the millions who must today scrimp and save to get by on the current average benefits would have rent, food, medications and other essentials endangered by such a drastic cut.

While the editorial takes some partisan shots at one political party over another, we here at our Denver SSD and workers’ compensation blog don’t have a political agenda. Our job isn’t to take shots, but rather to inform people about disagreement over an issue important to all Americans, whether all of them even realize the importance.

It’s impossible for a young, healthy worker to know today if they will be just as healthy a year from now or a decade from now or at any time before they retire. If they are disabled by injury or illness, SSD is currently available to provide them with financial assistance that can make all the difference in the world. 

An attorney experienced in appealing SSD claims denials can help you get the benefits you have earned, and that you have paid for with payroll deductions.