A Denver workers’ comp law firm devoted to helping you recover

Oct 08 2014

No matter how careful you are, no matter how knowledgeable, and no matter how experienced, an on-the-job injury can happen. Here in Colorado, most employees are covered after a workplace accident, regardless of whether it was their fault or not, and regardless of whether it took place in a Denver high-rise, a construction site or on a factory floor.

Even employers with workers’ comp insurance will sometimes attempt to deny a claim, however. Or the insurance company will object to the claim. As we have written about recently, this puts the injured worker in a spot where they have to decide whether to appeal and if they do appeal, whether to use an attorney to fully protect their rights and interests.

Our Denver law firm is devoted to helping workers appeal a workers’ compensation denial. At Alverson + O’Brien, P.C., we know how important those benefits including wage replacement and medical coverage are to our clients.

For some people, the benefits might only be needed for a few days or a few weeks. But for people with more extensive injuries and who need longer recovery periods, the benefits might be needed for months and in some cases, a lifetime. These benefits can make all the difference, which is why we put maximum effort into protecting you.

We are experienced in hard negotiations with insurers and employers, as well as in vigorous, effective litigation on behalf of our clients. Our staff includes a former prosecutor and a former insurance defense attorney, helping us fully understand the process from both sides. That helps us anticipate problems with insurers and employers and also counter strategies and tactics that can be used to try to deny your claim.

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