Which Denver workers are most at risk of asbestos exposure?

Sep 03 2014

There are a number of jobs in the Denver area in which risks are a part of the occupation. The men and women who work on high-rise construction, for instance, understand the risks before they begin working. They know that their health and even their lives can depend on being careful and precise when they assemble skyscrapers.

While those kinds of construction jobs have obvious risks, other construction workers face dangers as well. For instance, those workers involved in demolition projects can be exposed to asbestos used to build structures or used in insulation and other materials. That exposure can result in a number of serious health issues, including conditions that can leave workers with disabilities.

Among the serious health issues workers exposed to asbestos can face is cancer. The Centers for Disease Control notes on its website that the American Thoracic Society said “asbestos has been the largest cause of occupational cancer in the United States.” It also can also cause disease and disability in people regularly exposed to the fibers.

In years gone by, people who worked with asbestos would go home to their families with a coating of asbestos dust on their skin and clothes; a coating that was then touched or absorbed by inhalation by family members. In turn, family members were also at greater risk of serious asbestos-related health issues. With research and preventive measures, those conditions are relegated to the past in this country, but that doesn’t mean workers and others aren’t still exposed to asbestos.

Those suffering from respiratory ailments or other health issues related to asbestos exposure can often be dependent on Social Security Disability to help them with their post-work life. If denied those benefits, they should speak with an attorney experienced in guiding clients through SSDI appeals.