Denver-area construction worker injured by hit-and-run driver

Aug 20 2014

There’s no doubt that the soundtrack to Denver summers includes melodies hammered out by road construction crews as they pave, tear up, expand and lay down our ever-growing web of highways. Summertime construction slows commutes and frustrates drivers, making work zones dangerous places for the men and women laboring there.

One worker in an Aurora construction zone was recently struck by a female hit-and-run driver.  “She hit the gas again and she hit me at the knees for the second time and I landed on the hood,” the construction worker said. The incident left her with serious injuries to her right leg.

The worker was holding a stop sign at a site near I-225 and East Iliff Avenue last week when the driver hit her, hit her again and then sped off. Law enforcement officials say they have been able to ID the driver and are investigating whether alcohol was involved in the crash.

Though the worker was able to stand on crutches for a TV interview, it appears that her injuries might well force her to miss an unknown period of work. As many regular readers know, most Colorado employees injured on the job are eligible for workers’ compensation.

Unfortunately, in some cases, employers balk when an injured employee applies for benefits. This can mean the worker will have to appeal a denial of needed medical care and compensation. The good news is that injured employees can have at their side an experienced workers’ comp attorney throughout the appeals process.   

Source: KDVR, “Road construction worker speaks out about hit-and-run that left her injured,” David Mitchell, August 15, 2014