You've Spent Your Career Helping Others. Let Us Help You.

It's not an easy job. People who choose to spend their lives helping others often forget about themselves. Perhaps you were so focused on your job that you did not notice the accident about to happen. Or maybe you have let an injury go to the point that you simply can't do your work as a first responder or caregiver anymore. In any case, it's time for someone to help you for a change.

At Alverson + O'Brien, we are dedicated to helping people get the financial compensation they need to recover from devastating injuries. We have experience helping Colorado's emergency personnel and caregivers, including nursing home assistants, in-home aids, nurses, EMTs, first responders and many more. From our offices in Denver, we represent clients across the Front Range.

Answering Your Questions About Workers' Compensation

1. I was in an ambulance accident. How can I recover compensation?

If you were driving for work, you can file a workers' compensation claim. You may also have a personal injury claim against the person who caused the accident. If you caused the accident, you can still file a workers' compensation claim. A lawyer can help you sort through the details and recover maximum compensation for your injuries.

2. My back is shot from years of lifting patients. Do I have a claim?

Yes. If we can show your back injury was caused by your job duties, you can file for workers' compensation.

3. I was checking in on a patient and was injured on their property. Do I have a workers' comp claim?

Yes, and possibly a personal injury claim, too.

4. I was assaulted by a patient. What recourse do I have?

If you can show that your injuries occurred while you were helping a patient in the line of duty (while working), then you can file for workers' compensation.

5. What should I tell my employer?

Give your employer the facts about your injury, but do not admit fault or belittle your injury.

6. What should I tell the insurance company?

Nothing yet. Do not speak with the insurance company without speaking to us first. The insurance company will try to get a recorded statement. Do not give one. It does not help the processing of your claim and can even harm it.

7. My employer gave me safety guides but I didn't follow them. Now I've been injured. Can I still get workers' compensation?

Yes, in most cases, you are still eligible for workers' compensation. There are nuances to the law, however, that make it vital to speak with an attorney.

8. My employer is skirting the safety rules and I'm worried for everyone's health. What can I do?

Report it. Under the law, you cannot be fired for raising concerns about safety. Speak with a lawyer to learn how you can safeguard your career while ensuring your safety.

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