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Disability claims and the special medical examination

Once a person completes the initial application for Social Security disability benefits, they are often ready to take a step back and let the process run its course. While it's understandable why a person dealing with a serious medical condition would want a brief respite after this taxing endeavor, this might not be possible.

'Treating physician rule' rescinded by the SSA

When an individual applies for disability benefits, the first stop for their application is the Social Security Administration, which will determine if they meet certain baseline criteria concerning everything from work-related activities to work history.

Just how large has the SSA's disability backlog grown?

Those who have seen both their initial application for disability benefits and their subsequent appeal denied can derive comfort from the fact that there are still several levels of appellate review through which they can seek these much-needed funds.

What 'wounded warriors' need to know about securing disability benefits - II

In a previous post, we began exploring how members of our nation's armed forces who suffer a disabling injury are eligible for benefits through both the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Social Security Disability Insurance program.

What 'wounded warriors' need to know about securing disability benefits

It's extremely important for those brave men and women who suffered some manner of disabling injury while serving in our nation's armed forces to understand that they may be entitled to more than just the benefits available through the Department of Veterans Affairs. Indeed, they may also be able to secure benefits via the Social Security Disability Insurance program.

When you have questions about qualifying for disability benefits, we can help

When you are diagnosed with a medical condition or suffer an injury that prevents you from working in any capacity, it is an understatement to say that you are concerned. Indeed, not only do you have to worry about your health, but also how you will cover such basic expenses as groceries, utilities or mortgage payments.

Will the SSA review my disability even after benefits begin? - IV

In today's post, we'll conclude our discussion of the avenues of appeal available to those individuals who have learned that the Social Security Administration has decided to stop their disability benefits after determining that their condition has improved and they are capable of working regularly.

Will the SSA review my disability even after benefits begin? - III

In a series of posts, we've been examining how the Social Security Administration conducts periodic reviews to determine whether a person is still eligible for disability benefits, meaning their health has not improved and they are otherwise incapable of working regularly.

Will the SSA review my disability even after benefits begin? - II

In our last post, we discussed how those people who have endured the prolonged and sometimes taxing process of securing Social Security disability benefits should be aware that at some point in the years, months or even weeks ahead, the Social Security Administration will review their medical condition to ensure that they still have qualifying disabilities.

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