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Vending: An exciting career or recipe for workers' comp?

Mile High Stadium concessions employees and Coors Field vendors face serious hazards while working. Traveling around the arenas, the men and women that serve delicious food and drinks to both Colorado natives and tourists put themselves in situations that may result in injury.

Luckily, workers' compensation may rectify serious injury expenses should you hurt yourself on the job. Experienced attorneys can identify steps to ensure that you receive the correct compensation for both medical reimbursement and lost wages. Staying safe while fans enjoy your food, drinks and merchandise is the key to an exciting, rewarding career at the ballpark or field.

Dangers of vending concessions

A concessions environment is ripe for potential injuries. Common vending injuries include:

  • Burns from fryers or hot surfaces
  • Slips and falls on wet surfaces
  • Trips down cement stairs
  • Head injuries from low-hanging equipment
  • Dehydration

Though OSHA requires all employees to take safety precautions, accidents still occur. Report any injuries sustained immediately to your employer. Without a formal report, an employer or insurance company could assert your injuries were not the result of an on-the-job accident. The process may prove lengthy, but an experienced attorney can help ensure your claim moves forward efficiently.

Workers' compensation and Colorado protection

A successful workers' compensation claim offers various benefits, including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Medical leave expenses/lost wages

Even with these benefits, both employees' and employers' goals should involve avoiding injury altogether. Protect yourself at your concessions job by:

  • Always maintaining awareness for surroundings
  • Assuming all items and surfaces are hot before holding
  • Wearing proper shoes and uniform materials
  • Drinking water and taking necessary, legally-allowed breaks

As an employee, Colorado law entitles you to compensation if you injure yourself while working within the scope of your employment. If you are injured at the ballpark or while working at the field, a skilled attorney can help you file a claim for your potential workers' comp benefits.

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