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November 2016 Archives

Attorneys who understand the complex interplay of work comp and personal injury

As we make our way on the roads and highways here in Denver and across the Front Range, we like to imagine that our fellow motorists are practicing safe driving, meaning they are keeping their attention firmly on the road, obeying the posted speed limit and abiding by all traffic laws.

OSHA introduces long overdue updates to walking-working surfaces standards

A few weeks back, our blog spent some time discussing workplace falls, examining why they are so common, what construction workers can do in the unfortunate event they are injured in these types of on-the-job mishaps, and how employers in this industry are required to abide by rules and regulations designed to create a safe work environment.

What 'wounded warriors' need to know about securing disability benefits - II

In a previous post, we began exploring how members of our nation's armed forces who suffer a disabling injury are eligible for benefits through both the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Social Security Disability Insurance program.

Workplace falls are all too common

Familiarity breeds complacency. When the work environment is at height -- whether on a ladder, a lift or a roof -- familiarity can lead to accidents that never should have happened. Workplace accidents aren't just about forgetting your surroundings, though. They're caused by dangerous conditions, improper technique (possibly caused by improper training) and faulty equipment or set-up.

Report: Workplace injuries and illnesses continued to decline in 2015

One of the points we strive to emphasize on our blog is that work injuries can happen at any time to any worker in any sector. Of course, our purpose in this is not to cause unnecessary alarm among workers, but rather to help them understand that they don't have to feel afraid if they are injured on the job, as they are far from alone in this regard and, perhaps more significantly, that workers' compensation benefits can supply a much-needed financial lifeline in these situations.

Which states have the highest, lowest work comp rates in the nation?

For the last 30 years, the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services has been releasing a biennial report comparing and contrasting the workers' compensation rates of each state with the national median rate, which currently stands at $1.84 per $100 of payroll.

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