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March 2016 Archives

Colorado oil field deaths related to toxic vapor exposure

America's oil boom has created high-paying jobs for workers willing to put in long hours and a lot of hard work. Unfortunately, however, oil field jobs also come with serious dangers - both known and unknown. Too many oil workers have suffered serious injuries or lost their lives because oil companies put profits ahead of safety.

Daylight saving time & the increased risk of workplace accidents

If you felt unusually tired at work on Monday, it was probably due to the beginning of daylight saving time. While this tradition is certainly beneficial for those who want to enjoy more sunlight in the afternoon and evening hours, the one-hour time shift comes at a surprisingly high cost.

Colorado woman's battle for denied work comp benefits drags on

We often write about the need to hire a workers' compensation attorney when you have been injured at work and are seeking benefits. Companies try to find any reason to deny benefits, which means that injured workers are often forced to fight for benefits that they should be entitled to.

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