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February 2016 Archives

Fatal falls are still very common in the construction industry

Our post earlier this week focused on a basic but crucial idea in workplace safety: Employers need to take responsibility for making sure that a work environment is as safe as it can be. This means safety training must be thorough, safety equipment must be administered and employee compliance must be monitored. If any of these factors is missing, the result may be an injurious or fatal accident.

Denver's 'Vision Zero' plan may also be boon for certain workers

The general trend in automobile travel has been one of improving safety. As technology gets better, car accidents are less likely to result in deaths and serious injuries. Unfortunately, however, Colorado broke from that trend last year.

Injured while working a job for your construction temp agency? You likely qualify for workers' compensation.

We often hear about Denver construction workers who are injured on the job and never file for workers' compensation. Usually, it's because they don't believe they qualify. Our response? Assume the opposite. Even if you were working a job through a temp agency like Trillium Staffing or Tradesman International, you qualify for workers' compensation.

Crane collapse a grim reminder of the dangers of construction work

Although safety standards have improved significantly over the past half-century, construction and demolition continue to be among the most dangerous jobs in the United States. Those who spend their careers on construction sites go to work each day knowing that one wrong move could result in serious injury or even death.

The benefits of hiring an attorney for your workers' comp claim

In an ideal world, the workers' compensation system would be efficient and hassle-free. Indeed, workers' compensation was created with the goal of reducing legal work and costs on both sides. Employees would have their claims processed and approved quickly, and employers would avoid costly lawsuits.

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