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January 2016 Archives

The uphill battle for disease-related workers' comp: Part II

We are continuing a conversation in today's post about occupational illness and the struggle for workers' compensation benefits. By some estimates, the rate of deaths from occupational diseases is nine times higher than the rate of fatal workplace injuries. Yet injuries are far more likely to be compensated than occupational diseases are.

The uphill battle for disease-related workers' comp: Part I

In our last post, we wrote that occupational diseases are far more common - and far more deadly - than most people realize. Medical bills and other costs related to these diseases should be covered by workers' compensation, but that often proves to be a steep, uphill battle for injured workers and their families.

Occupational diseases kill more Americans than gun violence does

Workplace accidents and injuries are often the focus of conversations about workers' compensation. This is probably due to the fact that these incidents are observable and have immediate consequences. What often gets lost in the conversation is discussion about work-related diseases and illnesses.

Many benefits & protections lost in new, joint-employer economy

Since the Great Recession (and before it, to some extent), American companies have been moving away from hiring and retaining full-time employees. Instead, American workers are increasingly being treated as temporary, part-time and expendable. Companies hire workers through temp agencies, with the understanding that the work could end at anytime and that the temp agencies would ultimately be responsible for most problems that arose.

Labor Dept. and DOJ team up to fight workplace safety violators

Government regulations are necessary across many aspects of life. But regulations are only effective if they can be enforced. Lack of enforcement capability is a common complaint about the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Common reasons for denied workers' compensation claims: Part II

Last week, we began a discussion about denied workers' compensation claims. There are many reasons why valid claims may be denied, including the worker's failure to properly submit paperwork and handle other bureaucratic requirements.

Common reasons for denied workers' compensation claims: Part I

Workers' compensation is supposed to be a fast and efficient way to resolve claims for injuries suffered on the job. When everything works as designed, injured workers are compensated without the need to sue their employer, and employers don't spend valuable time and money defending themselves in court.

Preventing common workplace accidents in 2016

Now that 2016 is here, many Americans will be trying to follow through on the New Year's resolutions they made in December. Unfortunately, a lot of resolutions are destined to fail because the goals are too lofty and the planning too minimal. Experience shows that success is far more likely if we set realistic goals and exert effort on a daily basis.

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