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September 2015 Archives

Was employer negligence a factor in fatal construction accident?

Workplaces have certainly become less hazardous over the years. Most office workers, for instance, don't need to worry much about workplace safety. That being said, there are plenty of other types of work that will always be dangerous, including and especially construction work.

Fighting skepticism after filing a workers' compensation claim

Even when things go smoothly, workers' compensation claims can be frustrating. You need to report a specific accident or cumulative injury to the appropriate person at your job, then wade through mounds of paperwork and answer endless questions. After that, you may still be waiting for your claim to be processed.

Industrial robots may soon work safely alongside human workers

The use of robots in manufacturing and other industrial jobs has been controversial. On one hand, many factory workers have lost their jobs because robots can do the same work more quickly, more accurately and for less money. On the other hand, robots can do work that may be too dangerous for humans or too taxing on the body. They also tend to lower costs of manufactured products for consumers.

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