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August 2015 Archives

Addressing a leading cause of nursing injuries: Lifting patients

Most of the women and men who go into nursing have some idea of the on-the-job hazards they will face. Obviously, there are concerns about communicable diseases, bodily fluids and sharp objects. But nurses are often unprepared for one of the most common types of injuries associated with their profession: Injuries sustained while lifting patients.

Reasons for workers' compensation denial

Every day, Denver workers take risks in the course of their jobs. Construction workers, police officers, oil workers, firefighters and employees in manufacturing, health care and other businesses and industries risk their health in order to provide us with needed services and products.

Request for safety harness rejected, worker falls and is injured

Cotton Holdings is a global disaster solutions company, it says on its website. It also offers a variety of other services, including logistics, culinary services, roofing and construction. The company has locations all over the nation, including three in the Denver area.

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