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April 2015 Archives

Simple form is start of complex process

The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment's Division of Workers' Compensation has a pretty simple form with a pretty innocuous name: Notice of Contest. Denver Broncos' fans might hope that the form relates to a match-up against the Patriots, but unfortunately, it is the form sent to workers' compensation claimants when an insurer or employer has decided to dispute (contest) your claim.

Debating SSDI is for others. Our job is to take SSDI action.

As the jostling for position get more active among potential presidential candidates -- and more and more, among announced candidates -- one issue is certain to get plenty of national attention: Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI or SSD). The fund that provides the benefits to millions of Americans receiving SSD benefits is due to run short next year, and if no fix is generated by the current Congress and president, beneficiaries could see a cut of 20 percent in their monthly assistance.

Boosting, not cutting Social Security disability benefits

Every year, the Social Security Administration announces a COLA (cost of living adjustment). Those receiving Social Security disability insurance (SSDI or SSD) are often disappointed. The COLA is typically around a percentage point or so; sometimes it has even been nothing whatsoever.

Need more help in promoting safety and aiding injured workers

Certain reports claim injured workers are receiving less support from employers than they did in the past. Despite complaints by employers about costs of contributing to workers' compensation programs, employers seem to be paying less in workers' compensation premiums than in the past when compared to the wages they are paying workers. Also, studies suggest that employers are paying less into the workers' compensation system relative to other costs than has historically been paid in the past.

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